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So welcome Superman and Bat fans. Some shocking developments have been made in the world of Batman vs. Superman, and they just arrived in the form of a supposed "Leaked" trailer.

So the trailer's ( according to ComicBookMovie ) been on the web for a while now, and it has indeed entered the 4Chan atmosphere. But what we all find is that we can't pinpoint the location of this so-called trailer. But when we did - Some shocking news was discovered. Lets continue.

But what 4Chan was able to tell us is some pretty legit details about what happens in the trailer, and it really just slammed a whole new meaning on us all.

So lets just go through what the trailer was first.

It starts off in a sprawling, but screaming Metropolis.

This may push the fact that it continues from Man of Steel.

While Batman ( Ben Affleck ) Narrates As It Goes.........

He had muttered something like "the world has changed with the arrival of the Kryptonians". That's deep.

We switch to see Ben Affleck in his all-new Batsuit.

That is when he asks us the big question. "Is Superman here to save us........"

"Or to destroy us......."

"I'm Gonna Find Out......."

Then we switch to the logo of the film and it ends. The madness ends.

Now, I don't actually know if this trailer even exists, to be honest, but I will still consider it. If it's real, then BEST MOVIE EVER. If not, then "Meh".

But what do you guys think? Is this [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) trailer real? Tell us down below.


What do you guys think of the trailer?


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