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Well, this has been my first year here at Movie Pilot, and I have seen how many people have shared their personal stories. So I figured, what the hey? May as well share my own!

I happened here completely on accident as I was surfing Facebook. My literary career as a novelist was pretty much going absolutely nowhere in nearly fifteen years. I had actually subscribed to MP on a whim as I absolutely love films and everything there is to know about them. So, when they began asking for creators earlier in the year, I figured why not? Try something a little different than what I was used to.

I had written periodicals for three years in the past for Associated Content (now known as Yahoo! Contributors as well as before it finally decided to close its site down due to lack of interest.) So, after all was said and done, I found myself questioning where I was going in my life. I mean, I was a nine-to-fiver for so long that I had forgotten what it was like to even sit down and write a few words here and there.

It was back in February after I had seen what most people were reading about and getting into, I thought about some of the comic universes that I wanted to see turned into films, and it met with some good reviews from most folks. Then, I guess the rest was history, as they say.

Since I began, I have met with some successes and what I would like to call (as Tom Hanks said at the end of Apollo 13) 'successful failures'. I have never been one to shy away from topics, and most of my mentors that knew me from the beginning had always seen me as either 'very informative' or 'extremely controversial'. These days, I am seeing myself the latter with some of the articles that I have written as of late (most especially what I had to say about Disney XD's Star Wars: Rebels a few months ago. I AM STILL GETTING HATE MAIL ON THAT ONE! laugh)

But, after all was said and done, MP actually gave me a new lease on life. I know that may sound cheesy and a little lame, but it's true. I have been writing now for twenty-plus years and I was beginning to feel like giving up. I have to admit that there were days that as I read the new articles for the day from fellow creators that I did see the little green-eyed monster come out occassionally (*l).

In any event, the last few months that I have been a creator, everyone here has made me see that I was still a good writer. It gave me that little extra chance and boost that I needed to want to keep going. Even when I had everyone and his uncle posting in the comments box that You're a complete idiot! or 'You're JUST PLAIN WRONG!' , all that did was tell me 'hey, at least you have gotten people talking'. That is what MP is about after all, right? All of us coming together and exploring the possibilites that come with movies, tv, and whatever else that we can think of.

This is why this place is so important to me. It gives me the chance to express what's on my mind, whether anyone agrees with me or not. On one side of the coin, I may go along with you like any normal news anchor while on the other side, I'm Howard Stern!

So, I just want to say thanks to everyone who either believed in my work or didn't. Each time I succeed or fail, I learn something new. Now, while I may not have the hits that some of our other great creators have, all that makes me want to do is strive for me to be better. I've actually had a relative that has been touting me about having my own site to connect with my work here, and I have been contemplating it. But then again, why would I want to miss all my fun here?

Until next year guys! Keep me on my toes!

Your Bud,



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