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(If you have not seen this film yet...please don't read this)

"i'll choose...war!!!"

That's the line i would say that defines the Hobbit:Battle of the Five armies.

Now i'm not barging or anything but it is definitely a movie worth seeing in theaters.This film,based in middle earth,is following the story of Bilbo Baggins and the company of dwarvs leaded by Thorin Oakenshield.The film is at the end of the story when Thorin causes a war over the mountain.The film shows an exquisite explanation of Thorins greed growing over the finding of the arkin stone and an astonishing story.In my eyes the movie was a fantastic ending to a trilogy and has the ending i was exactly looking for.After reading the book 5 times and seeing all the films about 8 times each,i was so excited to see the film.

while i am only a young person just beginning my movie watching carer i can definitely say that this movie is one of movies that is worth seeing about three to four times,if able to.When the trailer to this movie came out i didn't want to see it because it might of ruined it,and i can now say that it was worth it not watching any trailers.I saw it once and will,hopefully see it many more times.

I gave the 'Hobbit:Battle of the five armies' a deserving 10-out of-10.The movie was a good ending to peter jacksons trilogy and is in my movie hall-of-fame.I hope that everyone watches this movie as it will leave you surprised beyond belief.


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