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If you have the slightest bit of a soul, you are probably still mourning the loss of Beth Greene from The Walking Dead. Her death was so brutally unexpected that I had to pause and stare at the screen for a good minute so I could fully comprehend the horror I had just witnessed.

But have no fear my friends, we have not seen the last of Beth! Emily Kinney, the actress who brought darling Beth to life, has reassured us that she is alive and well by recently recently her brand new music video for "Rockstar"! Check it out below!

So...I'm gonna have to be honest here. I wanted to like it. I really did. But alas, it was not meant to be. Although Emily has a refreshingly soft spoken voice, she's going to have to seriously find a better choreographer, director, outfit designer, and ESPECIALLY a new songwriter.

And Emily, if you're the one responsible for writing these lyrics, you might want to try again, hon. Seriously, the video was just barely tolerable, but everything came crumbling down and burned up in flames when she mentioned "unreleased The Walking Dead episodes." Tears of pity nearly streamed down my face.

*Sigh*'s ok Emily. You left with a bang (no pun intended) from The Walking Dead, and you will be missed. That's all that matters! But let's hope that you can redeem yourself musically when your 2015 album drops.


What did you think of Emily's new video?


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