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CW's Popular TV Show GOTHAM is introducing blood lines of additional characters in every episode. Detective Gordon, Barbara Gordon, Poison Ivy, Bruce Wayne, Selina Kyle (Cat), Penguin, Fish Mooney, Harvey Dent and other's history is revealed in the show. In addition, Robin's Parents are about to enter the show. Dick Grayson, the formal ROBIN will show up as soon as Bruce Wayne gets older.

The Robin
The Robin

According to TV Line "the latest casting calls – including John Grayson and Mary Lloyd, teenage circus performers who will figure into Episode 16 and hint at the origin of a certain Boy Wonder" is really a hint to origin on the Wonder Blunder Boy. Maybe the Death in the Family of Circus-Acrobats Graysons will set a different mood in the show.

Death of Graysons : Nightwing - The first Robin
Death of Graysons : Nightwing - The first Robin

However, like every episode, Gotham can't leave its fan hanging. Every episode brings something different. That's one good thing about DC. The Story Never Ends. ;)


Do you want to see Nightwing/Robin's Bloodlines in GOTHAM?


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