For those of us who are Harry Potter fans and fans of the comedy show, The Big Bang Theory, it would be absolutely funny to think about which house that our four main characters would end up in. Would Leonard Hofstadter, end up in Gryffindor, Howard Wolowitz in Slytherin, Raj Koothrappali in Hufflepuff and Sheldon Cooper in Ravenclaw? While I can definitely see Leonard in house of the brave and Raj in the house of the loyal, I honestly wonder if Sheldon would belong more so to the house of snakes rather than the eagles. His personality traits of: self-preservation, looking for what suits him most in any situation, as well as just being the ironically naive and obnoxious character most of us have come to know and love, all scream out qualities of Slytherin House. Then again, with that crazy one track only using logic mind of his, he could ultimately end up a Ravenclaw. All four are extremely intelligent and any of them could have easily ended up in Ravenclaw House. Are our favorite physicists and engineer in the right house?


Which character should have been in Slytherin? Howard or Sheldon?


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