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MARAUDER the film

MARAUDER is a feature film that narrates the story of some malign beings created in the age of the Crusaders and the Inquisition to destroy the invasion of Arab heretics Holy Land ... but awaken in the XXI century, order to undertake the purpose for which they were created: to destroy and to kill every human.

MARAUDER is a Feature Film Gender...


In the style of classic horror. Where premium to keep the viewer's attention in every frame of the film, bringing to the public all sorts of sensations that will leave heart in his mouth.

The subplots of the characters, with a unique identity that help to give depth to the main plot, confluence to the chaos and the terror they have booked it. Some secondary stories where can not miss the love, which adds just and necessary symbology around Feature Film Genre that price.

A terror of the unknown,

to beings that incarnate the hardest EVIL,


In MARAUDER what matters is a good story, with a constant stress, without getting in the bloody simple exaggeration.

Looking disturbing the public in his armchair,

Building countless feelings of anxiety, panic, frustration and, of course, startled.

And in its classic form, the innovation of a cool narrative, which will not fail to surprise their protagonists, their secondary and above everything, the other faces that evil can be reach settle ...


MARAUDER is a classic tale of terror, although its action takes place in the present. It falls in the same genre as the stories of the legendary Hammer or monster films of Universal. Supernatural beings that are drinking from the same sources as the Mummy, Frankenstein's monster, etc ...

Goes far beyond treating an adventure story and horror with great success elsewhere in the current cinematographic industry. The story contains the necessary elements and unique to give rise to their own iconography.

A unique brand inside the horror genre. The story does not end in one film, but it can easily open the door to other sequels ...

Already in this first feature is sown everything necessary for the viewer will remain eager to see what else is in that mystery that shrouds the beings that appear.

As with any good story well as providing a flood of emotions, we create the expectation in continuity.

MARAUDER is a project

of huge and interesting potential.

At any time we get that atmosphere of film of adventures, with surprises and tense moments that leave the viewer pasted to his chair. Genre is universal, that can be moved to anywhere in the world.

For the kind of story that history must elapse in Europe. It could well be a city in Britain, London for example.


MARAUDER is 100% horror genre, but without forgetting the histories of the characters. The individual plots in the film are intertwined such a way that the histories of each and every one of the characters are significant.

This results in other than mere archetypes. The real becomes, in people whose history we care. And in this case what matters is that we live or die.

Every step we are giving the characters in the history is most of the time so that the viewer is in the same level. That is, people are discovering things the same time as they.

Thus we get that feelings of fear, anguish and confusion is amplified. Viewers will be glued to their seats and their hearts will go to one thousand revolutions.

The structure of the narrative contains characters and subplots however varied, comic relief, love, friendship ... all necessary so that the story has enough layers to be even more entertained.


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