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Hannibal Lecter is described as a genius, with a staggeringly high IQ of 200. To put this into perspective, the standard Intelligence Quotient test puts over 66% of the population somewhere between 85 and 115, with only around 5% of the public scoring over 125.

Although it seems counter-intuitive that someone with such low regard for human life could be so 'intelligent,' Hannibal is not the only serial killer with a high IQ count. Hannibal is still way ahead of the pack, but check out 8 real life serial killers with an IQ score of between 130 and 160 - way above average...

Ted Kaczynski

Location: Montana, arrested 1996

Victims: 3 deaths, 23 injuries

IQ: 167

Chilling Fact: Ted 'The Unabomber' Kaczynski skipped 5th grade after gaining the remarkable IQ score of 167, entering Harvard at 16. He later gained a PhD in Math and became the youngest professor at the University of Berkeley. Shame he threw it all away by doing one of the stupidest things any person has ever done.

Rodney Alcala

Location: California, New York, arrested 1979

Victims: 5 confirmed, up to 130 suspected

IQ: 160

Chilling Fact: Alcala appeared on TV show The Dating Game 1978, where he was rejected as a date for being 'creepy.' No surprises there!

Andrew Cunanan

Location: Minnesota, Illinois, New Jersey, Florida, suicide 1997

Victims: 5

IQ: 147

Chilling Fact: Cunanan worked as a porn star and prostitute for years before he cracked and embarked upon a murder spree, famously killing noted fashion designer Gianni Versace.

Jeffrey Dahmer

Location: Milwaukee, arrested 1991

Victims: 17

IQ: 145

Chilling Fact: Dahmer was IQ tested when he started a term at Ohio State University, though he soon dropped out due to extreme alcoholism.

Juan Corona

Location: California, arrested 1971

Victims: 25+

IQ: 130

Chilling Fact: Corona killed farmworkers with a machete, sometimes totally splitting the skull of his victims. He showed no remorse for his crimes.

Stephen Christopher Stanko

Location: South Carolina, arrested 2005

Victims: 3

IQ: 143

Chilling Fact: Forensic psychologist Dr. Pamela Crawford said of Stanko, "he has a grandiose sense of self importance, failure to conform to social norms and lack of remorse."

Edmund Kemper

Location: California, apprehended 1973

Victims: 10

IQ: 145

Chilling Fact: Kemper stabbed his pet cat to death at 13 and killed both his grandparents at 15 before moving on to dismembering hitchhikers.

Remember, the IQ test is a test created by human beings and - like any test - is flawed. There are many contributing factors to a person being 'smart,' and whatever their IQ scores indicate, none of these serial killers were 'clever' enough to resist their murderous impulses, or evade capture...

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