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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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This is guaranteed to make American Horror Story fans happy: check out who's coming back!

Yup, it's the fabulous Jamie Brewer, who gave us Addy Langdon in Murder House and Nan in Coven... and by the looks of things, she's going to be cackling (evilly?)...

Still, despite the mega happy-joy-feelings Jamie Brewer's return gives us, we have to examine the the most dramatic entry to the Episode 11, 'Magical Thinking' promo...

Neil Patrick Harris is finally here

Not only is he here, but he's got a creepy ventriloquist's dummy and he ain't afraid to use it!

He's very interested in Bette & Dot Tattler

Well, he's gotta be better than their last suitor, psychotic Momma's Boy Dandy Mott... hasn't he?

He prepares his Saw-the-Lady-in-Half trick

... and Bette and Dot are his glamorous assistants! Let's hope it's a bit less murderous than Dandy's saw antics.

Oh, nope. Totally murderous.

With his creepy doll - that bears a striking resemblance to Jamie Brewer's cackling character - looking on, Neil Patrick Harris gets blood everywhere. But who's the unfortunate lady being sawn?

Check out the full video and please share any thoughts you have about what's going to happen in the next episode on January 7!


What's freakier: clowns or ventriloquist's dummies?


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