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With perhaps the most fitting alias of all time, Incredibeard has for two years been showing off his beard like some sort of bizarre hairy trophy. And for good reason.

The pinnacle of his efforts, his piece de resistance, was surely this bushy re-creation of Bane's mask from Batman: The Dark Knight Rises.

Watch Incredibeard show off his Bane beard in the video below:


But it doesn't stop there. Incredibeard's Bane mask isn't the beginning and end of his testosterone fueled talent; our bewhiskered hero has far more tricks on his face.

Scroll down for the best of the beards.

The Octopus

I don't think he looks quite terrified enough for a man with a hairy sea monster on his face.

Anyone for noodles?

A burger to go, please

I happen to think this is exactly the kind of revolutionary food storage advancement for which we've all been waiting.

Hairy Christmas, Everybody

Sources: Distractify, Incredibeard


Which superhero should Incredibeard tackle next?


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