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It was as long as twelve years ago when we first set sail aboard a peculiar looking Firefly-class cargo ship, with a rag-tag bunch of interstellar sailors whose sole ethos was to get job, finish job and keep flyin'.

(Lord) Joss Whedon's seminal and utterly terrific space western Firefly was a vastly misunderstood "dramedy" that was set in the year 2517 after humanity left an overly populated Earth. The show ran, out of order, for one season on Fox network, then was unceremoniously pulled from air after the eleventh episode of a fourteen episode run.

The show gained cult status and a loyal base of inspired and amazing fans, whom pulled together to eventually get Firefly a DVD release, and then later pulling together again to achieve their biggest victory of all, Serenity - the fantastic feature film set in Whedon's futuristic world.

Twelve years is a long time to be stuck back on terra firma, I wonder how the cast have been handling the time passed.


Nathan Fillion - Malcolm "Mal" Reynolds

Nathan Fillion had never met Joss Whedon although landing a role as the villainous preacher Caleb on the final season of Buffy The Vampire Slayer! Fillion has voiced the Green Lantern in three animated features, and can currently be found fronting the hit ABC show Castle.

Gina Torres - Zoe Alleyne Washbourne

Torres created easily one of the most memorable and badass female protagonists on TV. Zoe oozed an effortless cool and a warrior prowess that should be feared. She is currently married to another iconic face of sci-fi in ol' Morpheus himself Laurence Fishbourne and they have one child together! Did you know she was a mezzo soprano vocalist? Torres can be found still being a badass in Suits.

Alan Tudyk - Hoban "Wash" Washbourne

According to the rest of the Firefly cast, Tudyk was the worst speaker of Mandarin. When they were filming the episode "War Stories", he forgot his lines and made them up as he went along, hoping no-one would notice! He can most recently been seen in the TV comedy Newsreaders.

Morena Baccarin - Inara Serra

Inara Serra was Firefly's conscience. The registered Companion was a kind hearted woman, yet suffered from troubled and dark past that, thanks to th show being cancelled, will never be visited! Baccarin was one of four Firefly cast members to perform vocal duty on the Justice League animated series. She appeared as the voice of Black Canary. She has had quite a solid career since Firefly was landlocked, appearing in Homeland, V, The Mentalist, The Flash and The Good Wife in recent years.

Adam Baldwin - Jayne Cobb

No relation to the brothers Baldwin (Alec, Stephen, William and Daniel), Baldwin played my favorite character on the show - the slow witted, cold hearted mercenary Jayne. He was the original choice to voice Superman in the 1996 animated feature, but due to scheduling conflicts, lost the chance. He is currently found applying his trade on TNT series The Last Ship.

Jewel Staite - Kaywinnet Lee "Kaylee" Frye

The genius mechanic Kaylee is the lifeforce of the ailing space craft. Taken under the wing of her father figure Mal, she's sweet, caring and harbors a very large crush on the Doctor. Jewel Staite has recently been back on the screens in Fox's The Killing.

Sean Maher - Dr. Simon Tam

The incredibly gifted Simon Tam first came to the ship as the complete antithesis to Mal Reynolds, though they both had something in common - brave hearts and the desire to keep on running. Maher was renowned for calling his on screen sister River by the actor's first name Summer, to the detriment and hilarity of the cast and crew. He took two years off from acting to be a stay at home dad, but can be seen in Arrow.

Summer Glau - River Tam

Glau was a classically trained ballerina, and also studied tango and flamenco. Unfortunately, a broken toe ended her dance career, but then she exploded onto our screens as the deeply disturbed and talented River Tam. She appeared as a ballerina on the episode "Waiting In The Wings" in the Whedon created series Angel, and the rest is history. She can most recently be seen in Arrow and Sequestered.

Ron Glass - Shepherd Derrial Book

Glass, a devout Buddhist, plays the Shepherd with the mysterious past, although this was, thankfully, all revealed in the graphic novel Serenity: The Shepherd's Tale. Glass has last been seen on Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

What a great show, what a great cast! here's hoping the show gains an even bigger audience and continues to roam the 'verse for many more years to come.


How good do these guys look?!


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