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Fan theories are great; Pokemon is brilliant - put the two together and you get some truly awesome results that will alter all perceptions you had of the franchise for good!

Despite me having racked up hours and hours in my quest to catch 'em all, there are still so many Poke-related mysteries that have remained unsolved, like why there's a severe lack of adults in the world, or how the hell the glitchy apparition named MissingNo came to exist!

Luckily, all you awesome fans out there have been busy coming up with some truly inspired theories that are so crazy, they just might be true. Prepare yourself: all notions you had of this legendary franchise are about to be rocked!

1. Pokemon trainers are all slave-drivers

The theory in a nutshell: Humans invaded the Pokemon home world, enslaving them for their own amusement.

If you thought Team Rocket's Pokemon-poaching plots were bad, then you havent considered this morbidly dark side to the fictional universe!

One theory asserts that Pokemon and humans wern't companions by birth. In fact, humans colonized the world of Pokemon, invading regions where the innocent, loyal monsters already existed.

That would explain why there are an abundance of Pokemon fossils, but few remnants of bygone human civilizations. This claim is actually pretty convincing, if a little grim, and would mean that humans enslaved the monsters for sport and entertainment. Cheery!

2. Where are all the adults?!

The theory in a nutshell: A devastating war wiped out generations of adults in the Pokemon universe.

It's a question I've never really considered before, but now I think about it - why are almost all the characters in Pokemon Red and Blue kids?!

Red, the game's protagonist, appears to have no father, while his rival, Professor Oak's grandson, seems to be an orphan. In fact, there are hardly any adults at all in the games, other than the Gym Leaders and a that infuriating man who won't let you pass until he's had his damn coffee!

The most convincing answer? A devstating war took place in the Kanto region prior to the game's timeline.

The game's third electrifying Gym Leader, Lt. Surge, tells you that "Pokemon saved me during the war". As such, some have speculated that a war in Kanto took place before your epic adventure begins, claiming the lives of many adults who fought in it.

This may also explain why Professor Oak gives every new trainer a Pokedex, enabling them to collect information on the post-war world, tracking the species of Pokemon that survived. It would also explain why your rival is so jaded and bitter, having lost both his parents.

If this is true, I can only wonder at the cause of the war - a prequel game exploring the nature of the conflict would be epic!

3. Wobbuffet's body hides its real secret

The theory in a nutshell: Wobbuffet's real body is actually its tail.

This Generation II Pokemon caused me a lot of grief in the Silver and Gold games, partly due to its frustrating resilience. Wobbuffet has an abnormally high endurance rating, taking more tackles than an OCD fisherman.

Fans have theorized that its giant blue body is not actually a body at all, but a decoy for its real source of power - its tail!

The Pokedex says that Wobbuffet will go to drastic lengths to protect its back end, which would make sense if that's where its brain was. It would also explain why he can take so much damage, as your Pokemon are always attacking the wrong place! 'Pikachu, go for the tail!'

4. The MissingNo mystery

The theory in a nutshell: MissingNo is a disturbing reminder of what can happen when a Pokemon is left in their Pokeball for too long.

This mysterious apparition of Cinnabar Island caused a great deal of hysteria when players first started encountering it. In 1999 the developers actually issued a warning to players, saying:

Any contact with it (even if you don't catch it) could easily erase your game file or disrupt your graphics.

Pretty spooky, huh? Most people just think MissingNo is a glitch, but some believe it's a representation of something much more disturbing!

As Pokémon can be transferred and stored on computers, we can safety assume some part of them is made up of electronic data. Well, what if that data got somehow corrupted? The result may be something that looks like the glitchy MissingNo.

Let it serve as a warning to all you trainers out there: don't keep your Pokemon locked up for too long!


Which fan theory shocked you the most?


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