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It's said that the first rule of Fight Club is: 'You do not talk about Fight club.' We must ignore this rule for two reasons;

1. Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) would've hated such unquestioning obedience.

2. David Fincher's breath-taking portrayal of an average office worker's existential crisis and descent into barbarism is one of the greatest movies ever made.

Based on the novel of the same name by Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club tickled the inner demon in all of us. Many thought the film went too far, some critics labelled it "irresponsible and appalling". Others, myself included, thought it was one of the most thought-provoking films of the 90s, if not ever.

Here are 14 incredible facts you may not know about the film:

1. This warning flashes on screen for a split second before the film starts:

Fincher wanted to include many of these split second frames throughout the film but not all of them were permitted by the film's executives. For example, Fox refused a request to include an image of Tyler whilst the opening 20th Century fox logo was being shown. Fincher did, however, manage to include a split second shot of a man's genitalia in the final scene where 'The Narrator' and Marla Singer are stood watching the explosions.

2. Brad Pitt and Ed Norton took boxing, taekwondo, and even soap making lessons in preparation for the film.

3. Ed Norton really does punch Brad Pitt.

In the scene above Ed Norton wasn't supposed to actually hit Brad Pitt. Seconds before the cameras started rolling, the director whispered in Norton's ear that he should hit him properly and that he should aim for the ear. Pitt had no idea what was coming and Norton can be seen laughing as he falls out of shot.

4. Brad Pitt asked a dentist to chip his front tooth for the role of Tyler.

5. Helena Bonham Carter insisted that the make-up artist should only use her left hand.

Carter thought her character, Marla Singer, wouldn't care about such a thing.

6. She was also forced to wear extremely high heels to match Ed Norton's 1.83m height.

7. This controversial scene was almost left out.

In the book, Marla Singer collapses back into bed and says: "I want to have your abortion." Fincher originally shot the scene using this line but Laura Ziskin, a producer at Fox 2000, was furious and insisted the scene should be taken out.

Fincher compromised with Ziskin by making a deal that the scene would be re-shot on the condition that she had to had accept it, no matter what. Fincher chose: "My God. I haven't been fucked like that since grade school." Ziskin was reportedly more offended by the new line than the old one.

8. Brad Pitt and Helena Bonham Carter spent 3 days recording the orgasm sounds for the unseen sex scene.

9. Marla Singer's breath was digitally imported from Leonardo DiCaprio's in The Titanic.

10. Brad Pitt and Ed Norton really were drunk in the scene where Tyler and 'The Narrator' hit golf balls.

They were aiming for the canteen trailer!

11. Brad Pitt pleaded with his parents not to watch the movie. They understood why when they saw this scene:

12. It inspired people to start real fight clubs!

Police reported an increase in underground fight clubs in the aftermath of the movie's release. In England, Fight Club inspired a new boxing association called 'White Collar Boxing'. The barely-legal association has been surrounded by controversy after one fighter died in the ring.


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