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Have you ever sat and pondered exactly what the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles would look like if they were human? Would they be as cool? Where would they live? Would they have day jobs? How could Splinter get away with adopting four kids by himself? Would Splinter be human too? Why am I thinking out loud?

Well a few plucky fan artists have created some cool mockups of how the four heroes in a half shell would shape up if human. Shall we have a little look-see?

Human TMNT by fanniemay

I think this is probably my favorite of the bunch. Look at how detailed and different they all are. fanniemay has got Raphael's look down. He's so miserable!

Leo, Mikey, Raph & Don
Leo, Mikey, Raph & Don

TMNT Human Form by zaionic

Here we have the lads drawn in a shonen style. They're pretty badass! You know, I never thought of Michelangelo as the youngest of the group...

TMNT Gijinka - AKSHUN Raph by bluestraggler

This version of Raphael is great! I love the vibrancy of the red and the action in the imagery.

TMNT gijinka - AKSHUN Don by bluestraggler

Donatello looking supremely cool. That leg bend looks a bit painful though!

TMNT gijinka - AKSHUN Leo by bluestraggler

Leonardo with his twin katanas also looks rather hip. The long limbed, lithe designs of bluestraggler's designs are great and reminiscent of Spider-Man.

Humanized TMNT by blackwolf13

This really reminds me of box art for an Atari game. It's evocative and makes me feel old in a strange, yet nice way.

TMNT-Human Simulated I by Rcaptain

On to more anime styled humanized heroes.

TMNT Human Simulated II by Rcaptain

Some really good work on display here. I really dig the heavy pencil effect on the characters. Donatello looks a bit like a younger Solid Snake, which is in no way a bad thing!

Hats off to the guys for coming up with some really cute and cool humanized turtle action. Makes me miss my turtle action figures and slippers. Oh to be a kid again!


Did you dig the humanized turtle fan art?


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