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There's no denying that the Disney animators are masters at their craft, but their secret weapon is a lot more run of the mill than you might expect. The humble mirror.

In order to bring characters to life in the most realistic way possible, the animators at Disney used to study their own faces in the mirror while they made a variety of bizarre facial expressions.

Don't believe me? Check out these awesome images of the animators at work in the list below:

Cheer Up!

I can't quite see who this dude is drawing, but with an expression as tortured as that, surely it has to be Eeyore?!

Drooping Delight

You can almost see those bloodhound jowels drooping from this animators expressive face!

We Are Siamese if You Please

Well, that explains some things...

Disney Duckface

Because sometimes even Mickey Mouse puckers up.

Animated Animator

Even grumpy old Donald Duck smiles sometimes.

Gaping Godmother

Well, thats not exactly how I imagined the Fairy Godmother looking, but whatever!


Were you surprised to see how Disney animators drew facial expressions?

(Source: Imgur)


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