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Yash Verma

As you all know cap3 will be directed by the Russo Bros and is slated to release in 2016. But they Russo's are also rumored for directing Avengers 3 (both part). Isn't that too much load for them!! (actually don't when you love your work).

I think that civil war is a talkative and verbal event in the comics. And MCU must follow these facts. We also had seen our heroes in more action and less talks in almost all MCU movies. In the civil war, cap and stark are facing each other and it is highly unlikely that they will start fighting physically in cap3.

I mean the directors had to build up the scene towards their famous rivalry because of the government's interference. And to build up the events, they(and their alleys)had to debate each other a lot. Almost all the characters had to put their views that why they are supporting their group leader. And to deliver their stands, it should be in style and in intense. And No one knows this better than Tarantino. I mean his work in Django unchained and inglorious basterds clearly shows that what he's is capable of.


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