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This year was full of awesome movies (Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain America: The Winter Soldier), disappointing movies ( The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Maleficent) but also some underrated movies.... So here it is the 10 most underrated movies of 2014!!!

10- All Cheerleaders die

Lucky McKee and Chris Sivertson's "All Cheerleaders Die" is a bit of a confusion, but it's the kind of confusion that I like, and it's the kind of mess you should maybe see. It has several plots, a dull climax, and a few false starts. But this one is also loaded with dynamic and weird characters who are all having fun with being monsters. Also, Lucky McKee is one of the most feminist of all moviemakers, so when his cheerleaders become monsters, it feels less like exploitation for the male gaze, but more like an actual female empowerment movie.

9-The Signal

The buzz for The Signal was big. The Signal is practically gone. This low-budget sci-fi movie is possessed of a fast, unique style that belies the directors' talent. Director William Eubank may not have made the perfect film (the alien killer prosthetic legs plot makes no sense at all), but this is one of the more striking declarations of talent I have seen in a while.

8-Vampire Academy

When Vampire Academy, directed by Mark Waters, attempts to build a mythology and mix us up in its confusing plot, it's dull claptrap. But Vampire Academy has, despite its plotting, a lot of lively characters, snappy dialogue, and a fun, sex-positive view of young women that forces them to emerge as relatable and interesting. In an era when teen girls are often treated as weepy, longing romantic saps, seeing a few characters that are interesting is awesome.

7- Draft Day

This is a film that took the most boring aspect of organized sport the back office deals and turned it into an exhilarating and funny triumph. I know nothing about the football draft, but after this movie, it seems like something thrilling.

6- Grand Piano

Imagine Joel Shumacher's Phone Booth, but instead of a phone booth, it's a stage with an audience in front of it. Elijah Wood plays a concert pianist in the middle of a concert who is told, via a telephone earpiece, that he is in the crosshairs of a killer sniper (John Cusack) who requires that he play a certain symphony just perfectly. One setting, few actors, and a lot of excellent tension.

5- Earth To Echo

This generation has its version of E.T., and yet this generation didn't see Earth to Echo. The characters were what made Earth to Echo really shine. They came across as real kids with real kid problems and real kid reactions. It was also clever about the way it incorporated modern tech into the storytelling, something many screenwriters are still figuring out.

4- Oculus

Ghost stories are the hottest horror subgenre currently on the air and the bulk of them are anywhere from just plain to just plain bad. Oculus was the best ghost story I've seen in ages. It was about a brother and a sister who have to do battle with a haunted mirror that might have killed their parents years before. The mirror causes hallucinations, so what is real is constantly in question. The movie was also told in the past and the present simultaneously. And somehow, director Mike Flanagan balances several realities and several time frames perfectly.

3- As Above, So Below

This seems more like a low-budget Indiana Jones-style adventure more than it does a let's-pick-off-our-boring-characters-one-by-one horror cheapie. Also, the lead character, Scarlett Marlowe (played by Perdita Weeks) seems like she should head up her own series of movies. She's plucky, smart, and stays calm rather than squealing her way through the events of the film.

2- Edge of Tomorrow

This awesome and clever sci-fi action movie was considered a flop when it came out, and slinked from theaters. It might count as this year's White House Down, another terrific action flick that people ignored. There is no much to say about it just awesome!

1- John Wick

In the current marketplace, known characters and known properties matter more than performers. So when a Keanu Reeves movie came out in the Fall, people just shrugged it off. John Wick is a badass and wicked movie with great fight choreography, and a central character that could easily work his way into some sort of action canon. Also, it features a really fun setting with future potential: a hotel made exclusively for high-powered assassins, where no one is allowed to kill out of professional courtesy! So freaking underrated movie! -.-


Wich movie do you think was more underrated?


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