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Ever heard of The Hawkeye Initiative? Well, It's a great place to go for a few hard laughs. Basically, female superheros get the shaft when it comes to comics. You know the whole argument over supermodels being too skinny? And how they aren't great role models for women? Well, same goes for comics. While in recent years, the comic book industry has made some improvements, they still have a long way to go. Women are still drawn like sexual objects rather than actual heroes. The poses typically accentuate the breasts and their butt/vagina in the most inhuman poses ever. Many disagree with people opposing sexism in the comic book industry, but The Hawkeye Initiative really puts it into a whole new hilarious perspective...

Oh look! A sexually empowered Hawkeye!

Frogeye and Froggy Woman!

Go home Clint, you're drunk.

Ouch! That man-floss does not look comfortable!

Is this humanly possible?
Is this humanly possible?

Hawkeye must attend a lot of yoga classes...

Yep, definitely a yoga move.

He-Archer with some serious man-floss. Hope his junk is properly protected!

I...I don't even know what to say for this.

Work it Hawky!

Yeah, Hawkeye is fabulous!

There are tons more of awesome pictures here... Whether you agree or disagree with how women are shown in comics, it's pretty obvious there are some serious differences in how men and women are portrayed. A woman's only weapon isn't her sexuality and that needs to change.

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