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Growing up, I was a Disney kid. Everything that I owned was Disney and I was proud of it. When I had play dates, the first thing I would show to that lucky friend was my Disney VHS collection, then insisting we watch a movie (Beauty and the Beast because they didn't have a choice). Now that I am 18 years of age it is safe to say that Disney has become an obsession. As a result, Disney Trivia is a banned game in my house and I'm always trying to book deals at Disney World.

For most people, Disney holds a special place in their heart. Nothing beats watching a Disney classic with family or friends and singing along. It transports you to your inner kid and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside (don't deny it).

We all heard the sad news from last year that Disney Animation is done with traditional 2D animation. And they're NEVER GOING BACK. I will admit, I was crushed as well as many other Disney fans. We seem to forget that the animators painstakingly hand drew every detail to bring us a beautiful cinematic eyesight.

Do we Timon? Do we really?
Do we Timon? Do we really?

What does it all mean??

I hate to admit this, but Disney is moving on. Pixar first introduced us to CGI animation with Toy Story. Disney has evolved to create other CGI blockbusters such as Tangled, Brave, Frozen, and much more. We all have to face the hard fact that people aren't interested in 2D animation anymore. Technology is evolving and as a result audiences want bold and new entertainment. Disney Animation left us with it's last 2D animated masterpiece, The Princess and The Frog.

The demise of traditional 2D Animation will never be forgotten. To many Disney classics fans, it'll hold a special place in their heart. Disney has another upcoming computer animated film, Moana setting sail to theaters in 2016.


Are you upset with Disney's direction toward permanent computer animation?


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