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After waiting years for this to come out James Rolfe has finally finished the movie.

I first saw the movie on-line i didn't get the chance to go out in see it in the theaters.

I really enjoyed this movie it's not the same as the Nerd reviews of the games James does Cinemassacre.

Which i ready knew it was going to be like them to begin with in the first place.

I know some fans wanted it to be like the Nerd reviews but sadly that didn't happen.

But that doesn't change the movie all that well.

I can remember hearing about the trailer of this movie awhile back and people all of the Internet were flipping out about how the movie looks dumb or it doesn't look that good.

I didn't agree with them and i never will keep in mind this is a low budget film its not going to be a Peter Jackson film or Marvel film.

So yeah i can understand your not going to have the best special effects or CGI in the movie.

Which really it isn't all that big of a deal to me.

When i first watched the movie i thought wow this has a lot of bad language then again i forgot that AVGN always did have that.

The plot in this movie is really good and it should be James spent many years making this movie.

I do like the characters in the movie which it is a surprise to me because usually the characters aren't aways that good but in this movie they are pretty good as far as acting.

James as the Nerd is noting we really haven'y seen and his other videos he does.

He still is funny and crazy just like in the Nerd episodes.

overall this movie is pretty good for what it all comes down to i would say give it a watch and it is worth buying on blu-ray.

Rating for this movie is 10/10


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