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Today one screenwriter by the name of Arash Amel, who is most recognized for his work on Erased and Grace of Monaco, revealed on Twitter that Warner Bros. may be, in fact, having not one or two potential scripts written, but SIX scripts for [Wonder Woman](movie:45787)!

That's right, the screenwriter posted said information on his twitter account:

My own opinion, from the outside looking in, is that he's overreacting to this a bit. But then again, he's the one who understands the business end of that world more than I do. But I have a couple of different theories as to why he may be overreacting a bit and the biggest of those reasons would be that perhaps Mr. Amel is jealous because he isn't among the six to be a potential screenwriter.

Is it actually a bad move, on Warner Bros. end?

But let's say this is true, and it probably is, since this information is coming from someone who works in the business. Is it a bad move, on Warner Bros. end? Well, some say it is because it shows how unprepared Warner Bros. really is for Wonder Woman's solo outing. They are saying that Warner Bros. doesn't really know what they're doing and that this is a weak strategy on their part and the part of everything the DC shared universe hinges on.

I say, it's a good move though. Why? Because I feel that it shows just how much they are dedicated to this character. Look at the previous female superhero films that have come out in the past decade.

Catwoman 9% and Elektra 10% tomato ratings
Catwoman 9% and Elektra 10% tomato ratings

There have been a lot of problems with the portrayal of female superheroes

The first problem is that there've only been two, and have either of them been any good? No. They were put out there as an attempt to sexualize the superhero genre. You can tell by the outfit that Halle Berry is wearing; it looks more like a dominatrix getup than a Catwoman suit, and the issue with Elektra is right there in the tagline:

"Looks CAN kill"

Seriously? First off, that doesn't make any sense, she has no superpowers and her being attractive has nothing to do with her personality, she's a female superhero, they're all supposed to be attractive. Would anybody go watch a female superhero with Ugly Betty playing role? No. So why add the tagline? Why are they using the sexuality of a female to promote female superheroes rather than the "super" aspect of them? We don't do that with men, or not as blatantly anyways. But I'm running off-topic here, back to what I originally was talking about.

Warner Bros. and DC are trying to do things differently with Wonder Woman

I think they are looking to the past and seeing how the other female superhero movies turned out and straying away from that. I think that they are being quite careful and cautious about how the character is handled. They are playing against a lot of fans who are doubters and haters of what has been announced so far, I think every decision they've made has been carefully thought out to provide the best possible outcome for the solo Wonder Woman movie. I doubt Catwoman was given as much thought by WB then as they are giving Wonder Woman now. It's still barely three years away and yet they are making every decision as carefully as they can.

I'm sure the screenwriters are hard at work.
I'm sure the screenwriters are hard at work.

Six Scripts provides options

I do hope that the other scripts end up online somewhere after the movie is released. I'd like to know what they all had in mind for our favorite Amazonian Princess.

So I will reiterate that I think the six script concept is a good idea and I am still highly anticipating Gal Gadot's debut as Wonder Woman on the big screen in 2017.

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