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So as you all probably know by now Sony has decided to not release the interview after all of the hacks and the threats they have been receiving.

I'm pretty sad about it. This is so disappointing for many reasons. One just being that the movie looked fantastic and it was getting great reviews. I totally understand Sony's concerns but I feel that they were too quick to just shelve the film. I get that they did not want to get anyone hurt and it is better to be safe then sorry, but its sad to see creative freedom just be thrown aside. Sony is also going to take about a 40 million dollar hit on the movie. Now its about what can they do with the movie and I only see two options, strait to DVD or VOD. The more likely option would be strait to DVD because if they just sold it to another company, they would still see the same threats, and anyone who purchased it with a card would be susceptible to having their information stolen. I could see them just releasing it with no advertisement, just put it on the shelves and that's it, maybe see if they could recoup some of their loses. Well that's my two cents on the subject, but what do you guys think? Do you guys think Sony should have stuck to their guns or were they right in cancelling the movie?


Did Sony make the right call?


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