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Delisa Elizabeth

So The Giver, I am glad I didn’t pay $12.00 to see this movie in the movie theater, I am so glad I waited till it came out for Redbox.

Last night I rented this movie, I had an understanding that the movie may or may not be good. I had my hopes up because the book was good so maybe the movie would be just as good?
Well I was wrong, where do I begin?

• The acting was terrible.
• The movie felt rushed.
• I didn’t feel any attachment, emotion, sympathy for any of the characters.
• The only people I looked forward to watching throughout this catastrophe was Jeff Bridges, Meryl Streep, and Odeya Rush but this doesn’t say much.
• Katie Holmes was annoying me the whole time (she isn’t a good actor, Tom Cruise must of messed her up good).

See the movie if you want but I warned you, you only get one fair warning and that is it.

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