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Joe Date

In the U.K, The Flash vs Arrow had only been shown, and I really do not get something. You know the villain in part one. The one who can do that crazy mind trick 'thing'. To be honest with you, I thought he was actually pretty bad-ass and expected more then one rushed episode about him. But don't you find it funny how he just magically got captured by The flash and his team and all you saw of him ,is him in the Particle separator prison? The last we saw of Roy Bivolo, was when he poisoned Barry ending up in a bloody brawl, with Eddie and The man of the show...THE ARROW. After this big seriously unrealistic brawl between The mental Barry Allen , one of the next scenes is Bivolo cussing his teeth off, in the prison on level 600 in S.T.A.R Labs.

To be completely honest with you I would love a spin-off mini series when The Flash and The Arrow are in a team, slaying classic comic-book enemies, putting a quirky little twist on the DC Universe. In the United Kingdom, tension has been rising about the whole 'Professor Zoom' story line. I just hope to god that they can actually deliver this major story line and performing comic book events into the TV Series.


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