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A lot of theories are floating around wondering who will be back from the previous Star Wars movies for the next one coming out next year.

This theory revolves around the SNES game version of The Return of the Jedi. It also includes the fact that George Lucas had been planning more Star Wars movies well before Episode I was even released.

The original plan was to have up to twelve Star Wars movies!!!!

Scan of notepad for Star Wars movies from the 1970s
Scan of notepad for Star Wars movies from the 1970s

The SNES game was released in June of 1994 to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and was one of my favorites of the Star Wars SNES games. This is well after George Lucas was discussing even more movies.

Something even back then dawned on me, and it made me realize what might happen for episode VII...

Remember at the end of the credits after you beat the game?

I think the Emperor survived and will return to Star Wars Episode VII.

The reasoning behind this is because while the credits roll, you can hear The Emperor laughing occasionally. Why would they put the Emperor's laughs in the end of the credits unless he knew something we don't.

It could be possible the Emperor will play a role in Star Wars Episode VII.

As early as the 1970s

Just keep in mind, George Lucas has been stated as saying Star Wars movies were originally meant to be three trilogies! So it's very much possible, while programming the game, the creators knew about the possibility of more Star Wars.

According to the Secret History of Star Wars:

George Lucas: One of the sequels we are thinking of is the young days of Ben Kenobi. It would probably be all different actors...I think the sequels will be much, much better. What I want to do is direct the last sequel. I could do the first one and the last one and let everyone else do the ones in between.

What do you think?


Does the SNES game reveal the Emperor will be in Episode VII?


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