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Okay guys, we've all seen [The Flash](series:1068303) "The Man In The Yellow Suit" episode 9. I was pretty shocked just watching this episode as it was going. This episode make me think about so many things , and made me think about all of the Reverse Flash's. I have a few theories that might interest everyone. So, we start off with Barry being in his little lab, he looks out of his window, and there he is , his Holy Grail, his Arch-Nemesis, Reverse Flash. The Flash then chasing RF through the into a little ally, Flash asks RF "Why did you kill my mother , why!".

RF responds with "I'f you want to know that, you're going to have to catch me". This gave me real goosebumps, a classic race between the two speedsters. They carry their little "Showdown" into a football stadium and RF of course seems to be extremely faster than Flash and he really gives him a beat down as well. The Flash asks RF "who are you!". RF responds with " You know who I am Barry, oh you do, we've been at this a long time, you and I".

As soon as he said this I started thinking about who he could be, and this is where my theories start.

"The Ultimate Showdown"
"The Ultimate Showdown"

With what RF said, Reverse Flash could be any one of Barry's known contacts. Reverse Flash knows that he knows who he is because he is from the future (obviously). Two of my guesses on who RF is , Detective Eddie Thawne, and Dr. Harrison Wells.

Eddie Thawne doesn't seem to be much of a bad guy right now, but currently as we saw in this Episode 9, Iris is moving in with Eddie, and they are in love. Imagine if Eddie would lose Iris to Barry, that would give him an ultimate grudge against Barry, and my guess is that Eddie finds out that Barry is The Flash (Eddie already hates The Flash), and somehow he finds the suit Reverse Flash suit, therefore him becoming Reverse Flash.

My other theory is that Dr. Harrison Wells. Wells has proven time and time again that he knows a lot about the future , and that he knows very well just who Reverse Flash is(or he might be The Man In The Yellow Suit). In the middle of the episode, The S.T.A.R. labs team traps Reverse Flash in some sort of an energy chamber. When he is trapped Joe walks up to him and asks him why he killed Nora Allen, Reverse Flash just shrugs him off. I think that he ignored his question because he knows that he wasn't the Reverse Flash that was at the Allen house 14 years ago. Harrison explains to Reverse Flash that his powers are allowing him to not get hurt by the chamber that he is trapped in which is kind of weird , knowing what happens next. So, of course the chamber starts to break out (Wells possibly could have tampered with it) and Reverse Flash pulls Wells inside the chamber and starts beating him to a pulp. The weird thing is when Wells said that the only reason RF is still surviving inside the trap is because of his powers, why didn't anything happen to Wells inside? My guess is that he is a speedster to, or maybe he could have just tampered with it, so it wouldn't hurt him while he is inside.

Moments later, Reverse flash escapes the chamber and takes the Tachyon device, and comes back without it, he starts to pummel Detective Eddies task force, and runs up straight to Eddie's face , and stares at him for a couple of seconds then pushes him to the ground. I wanna believe that he was looking at him because that is his past self. I think that Reverse Flash wanted Eddie (his past self) to notice himself. So, then RF goes up to Joe and tells him that he warned him to not look for him, but then of course Flash zooms in to save the day, (We all know that Barry wouldn't let anything happen to Joe or Iris). So, then the fight is taken outside, and of course again, Reverse Flash beats up The Flash again, and right when he is about to "kill him" Firestorm storms in and throws some sort of a Fireball at Reverse Flash causing him to retreat of course, and that was the end of it.

Back at the West residence, Cisco pulls Joe to the side and tells him his theory about two speedsters being at the Allen house 14 years ago. There was red and yellow streaks running around Nora, noting that there was a Reverse Flash and a Flash there that night, but the question is , Which Reverse Flash and Flash were there that night?

The Suit
The Suit

So, in the ending, again and again, We see Harrison Wells inside his "secret room" and he pulls out a ring with the flash symbol on it, YES, the famous Flash Ring! He walks up to a wall, and opens up a small closet, and there it is, The Reverse Flash suit , and Wells also has the Tachyonic particles device and places it on the suit. It seems like the Device is powering up the suit, because the device is making the suit faster . In the comics, we all know that when professor zoom found the suit, it is seen that in order for him to have powers of a speedster, he needs to be wearing the suit.

Also in the comics, Reverse Flash is a time traveler, so the Tachyon device is making the suit faster allowing whoever is wearing the suit to travel at an extreme pace , in order for the person to time travel , which is exactly what Reverse Flash wants, is to be fast enough to time travel back into his own time. The episode ends with Harrison wells wishing us a Merry Christmas in the sinister voice that Reverse Flash spoke in.

So, episode 9 certainly spooked everyone's mine and did mine as well, I guess we are going to have to wait until The Flash returns on Jan. 20 kicking off with a Villain team up with Captain Cold and Heat Wave, Till the next episode!


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