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I'm sure by now you have all heard about Sony being hacked and their emails being leaked, but if not let me fill you in. Basically, Sony have been exchanging emails with Marvel about the possibility of giving Spider-man back to them.

But the deal feel through :(

But now new emails have suggested that Sony will hold a "Spidey Summit" in January to talk about the future of Spider-Man, and the possibility of giving Spider-Man back, which is supposedly the first point of discussion that many of the top dogs at Sony want to go through with. SO THERE IS A POSSIBILITY THAT SPIDEY IS COMING HOME!

So now that I have cleared all of that up, let me tell you about the latest developments!

Recent emails have shown that Andrew Gumpert, the President of Worldwide Business Affairs and Operations for Columbia Pictures, has told Amy Pascal, Sony Entertainment Chairman, that if the deal is to go through then Marvel would have Spidey cameo in Captain America: Civil War, and not have him play a major role. About his cameo, Gumpert said that Tony Stark would recruit Spider-Man and give him a suit (IRON SPIDER!). He would also meet [Black Widow](movie:1070824) and, of course, Captain America.

THAT'S NOT ALL! Marvel also want the wall crawler to appear in Avengers Infinity War Parts 1&2!! In order for this to happen, Marvel want Sony to guarantee that a standalone Spider-Man movie would be released in 2019 meaning that Spider -Man will kickstart the fourth phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe!


IRON SPIDER... INFINITY WAR... SOLO MOVIE... I love it when a plan comes together!

If Marvel does get the rights back, then what sort of Peter would we end up with, and what direction would his movie be taken in? Well, here are my guesses.

College Life Peter

Peter Parker, in college, already a hero, no origin story, dating Mary Jane. Simple as that. For the actor, I have already stated my 3 choices in a previous article.

Symbiote Storyline

Since Infinity War looks like it will take place in space, or at least have space as a major theme, then the possibility of a symbiote looks promising. Also, Peter first encountered the symbiote when fighting in the Secret Wars storyline, which then adapted onto him to create a Black "suit" which later left him to create Venom!

Honestly, I believe having the symbiote as the main focus of a solo Spiderman movie would be amazing (see what did there? huh huh?) Since we would have skipped the origin story, there would have to be certain flashbacks to tease the origins.

This would fit perfectly with a symbiote storyline. Just imagine Peter lashing out at Mary Jane, due to the symbiotes influence on its host personality, who would think "The last time he did that was just after Gwen's death" thus implying that Gwen died in this universe which inadvertently confirms the Green Goblin.

We would have Peter struggling between good and evil, which he would then recall on his Uncle Ben's lesson of "Great Power".

Venom would also be a great character to introduce, and it would be great to see Eddie Brock as a friend of Peter, introducing a whole new dynamic for the movie.

I know it seems way out there. But how amazing would it be if at the end of the movie, Nick Fury captured the symbiote and then started a recruitment process for Project: Agent Venom, and have Flash Thompson's name pop up on a screen or a sheet of paper. I know it is way out there, but how awesome though?

Follow this link and sign the petition to help bring this petition forward to Sony to get Spider-Man back to Marvel!

So what do you guys think?


Will Spider-man kick start Marvel's Phase 4?


Would you like to the symbiote as the focus of Spider-man's first solo Marvel movie?


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