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Exodus: Gods and Kings is visually stunning and carried along by a great cast of actors/actresses. Christian Bale delivers a powerful performance that showed he is more than just 'the Batman'. Joel Edgerton was excellent as Ramses. María Valverde was a joy to watch on screen and really provided the emotional angst of the movie. The film truly is adventurous. We see multiple cultures, conflicting beliefs, and political tension; however, the film falls short (almost in a disastrous way) by being to long, rushing important character development scenes, and, quite simply, not connecting with the viewer. With all that said, the great performances and visual wonders really save this film. It is not a 'terrible' film, but better to rent it on Netflix. Also if you are expecting a 100% direct interpretation of the bible to the big screen you are sadly mistaken. I rank this film a 5.5 out 10 for the above reasons listed.


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