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It seems like quite an easy task: recreate the epic already fantastic story of Moses, the man who faces an evil pharaoh in order to free his enslaved people. Take some great actors and a renowned director like Ridley Scott and you've got gold. Right?


To say I was looking forward to this movie would be a lie. The frequent news of Scott's decision to whitewash the main cast were always reason to be disappointed. Whatever happened to authenticity? But the anger of the director's decision quickly fade as the movie progresses and you realize his biggest sin was not his lack of diversity but how he completely wasted an A-list cast. Having Sigourney Weaver wear a wig, heavy eye liner and say three lines doesn't make her a worthy Egyptian queen and the same thing happens with other talented actors such as Ben Kingsley and Aaron Paul.

While the movie has its many faults, the one that stuck out to me the most was how much Ridley Scott took from his earlier, better done film Gladiator. At first glance, it may seem far fetched to say the story of Exodus and Gladiator are one and the same, especially since Ridley Scott didn't really have much say in how Moses story develops. But it's the little details he adds and specific lines of dialogue that make these two stories seem so similar.

I mean think about it- a king who loves two man (one entitled and spoiled, the other good and loved by all). The king falls ill, the bratty one becomes king and gets rid of his competition -the good guy-. The good guy spends a very long time in the dessert until he finds a new place and a new life but eventually he is forced to come back to face the evil king in order to rid people of injustice. That sound familiar?

I explain it all much better in my video review. I hope you enjoy and maybe even agree.

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