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Many rumors are circulating around whether or not Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice will have a Robin appearance in it or not.

Considering that it is fairly similar to Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns comic story line, the Robin will most likely not be Dick Grayson (The original Robin turned Nightwing) or even Jason Todd(The second Robin to take the mantle that was murdered by The Joker in A Death In The Family story line who is later resurrected by Ra's Al Ghul and then took the mantle as the Red Hood). The Robin eyed for the project is non other than Carrie Kelly. Carrie Kelly was saved by Batman himself in The Dark Knight Returns and then joins Batman on his crusade to fight crime and injustice blah blah blah...

Jena Malone Maybe The Next Robin
Jena Malone Maybe The Next Robin

It is rumored that Jena Malone would take up the role to play Carrie Kelly in the upcoming Batman vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice but if this is true and she is playing Carrie Kelly's Robin then we may be in for a treat...

As known, In the Dark Knight Returns story line, Batman gives up his crime fighting with the death of Jason Todd (events in a Death In The Family). Consumed with guilt for not being able to save Jason, Batman finally hangs up the cowl for good. But returns to crime fighting after years of retirement. Even though he vowed never to have another Robin, he soon save Carrie Kelly from gang members that try to killer her. He sees her potential an takes her in. So if She is in Batman vs Superman Dawn Of Justice then...

Where Jason Todd comes into play...

Not only does Nightwing existed but also Jason Todd's Robin. And if so maybe their can be a quick cameo with Bruce and Alfred before Bruce leaves for Metropolis saying just any sort of comment like...

*scene takes place in the Bat-cave while Bruce and Alfred wait for Carrie to suit up and deploy on a solo mission*

Alfred: Master Bruce I do advise caution for Miss Kelly.

Bruce: She'll be fine Alfred...She's ready...

*Bruce starts to walk away*

*Alfred grabs Bruce's arm*

Alfred: Please Master Bruce... Just remember what happened to Master Jason...

Bruce:(In A Rage) I will never forget Jason Alfred!

*Kelly makes her way down*

Carrie Kelly: Who's Jason

Bruce: ...a reminder...a brave soldier...a friend...

*End Of Scene*

Not only would it be a great scene and cameo but a great bridge for other solo batman movies. Also as rumored, the new solo Batman films maybe prequels to Batman vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice and may feature a younger Bruce Wayne/Batman. or even if it is still Ben Afleck as Batman, they can still make a possible Under The Red Hood live action movie. As mentioned before, Jason Todd was resurrected and assumed the mantle of The Red Hood. this could play out into a movie eventually if played right, especially after the events of Dawn Of Justice and Justice League and the [Suicide Squad](movie:2283363) Movie. Just picture...

*Jason Todd (lets say 2 years after coming back from the dead) watching a news report*

News Reporter: We see here video footage of Batman who in recent news has been considered a myth of [Gotham](series:1127075), fighting along side a team of super humans. This is the third Batman sighting since his so called return. Last year he was spotted fighting the one infamously named "Superman" but now it seems they put their differences aside for the better of the people and planet. (shows fight of Superman vs Batman) The year before that was when we finally...after many years of rumors and myth... got our first look at The Batman. Not only was he alone though. He was seen with his long time partner Robin who was once the Boy Wonder now seems to be the Girl Wonder.(shows photo of them fighting the Suicide Squad) They are now telling us to evacuate... I'm Vicki Vale signing out.

*pans around the room to see guns on the wall, a Red helmet, and a suit with a similar red bat logo on it*

Red Hood: Well Bruce... Not only is the Joker still alive...but you replaced me too...well your not the only one planning a big return..

*cocks gun and shoots tv*

Batman v Red Hood
Batman v Red Hood

This alone could be the start of a Batman v Red Hood movie or even a solo Red Hood movie.

Batman V Superman
Batman V Superman

What do you guys think, will Red Hood appear in [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870)?


Should There Be A Cameo Of Red Hood Or A Batman V Red Hood Movie or Maybe Just a Solo Red Hood Movie?


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