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The girl in the bathroom

i was about five years old and living in Mexico. My mom used to work at a bridal shop. The shop was next to a candy store that my mom's friend owned.

One day I wanted to use the bathroom and my mom took me to the candy store because our store didn't have a bathroom. Her friend's wife let us use the bathroom and walked us all the way down the hall to the restroom. I walk in and was heading towards a stall when I see a bright white light. I start to hear lots of mumbling and soft whispering, as if someone was talking with a really low combination of white noise. I get an urge to look towards the sink, so I look and see a little girl standing in front of the window as if she was outside in an open space of land that is behind both stores.

She was about 6 years old, blond hair, white skin, blue eyes, dressed all in white, particularly a knee length puffy white dress (that is forever burned in to my memory). She raised her arm and did a "come here" motion with her finger. I could see her lips moving and the same whispering started again, as if she wanted me to go with her.

I screamed so loud my mom and her friend's wife came rushing in and I was in tears telling them that there was a girl in the bathroom. They checked the ground and no one was there.

Now as an adult, about two years ago my mom asked my grandma what that place was before the stores where built. Turns out it was a place where merchants that came from small towns could come in a spend the night and sell and store their horses. People came in sick as well so they think she might of passed away there.

I still feel her with me at times and that kind of scares me. It seems that after that experience, I have somehow become more sensitive to paranormal activity

Strange Appearance at night.

this story may seem strange and I apologize if I'm not using perfect grammar as it is very late at night. I've been having weird things happen to me while I sleep and I can't explain it.

The first time this occurred was when I was up in the afternoon and I hadn't slept all night I decided it would be nice to lay down and take a nap. I had a strange dream that led to me lying in bed and I was holding someone\'s hand but I couldn't see anyone there and that's when I suddenly heard a gurgling noise in my left ear and a tingling sensation went over my entire body that woke me up but I couldn't open my eyes. I was laying there, my heart was racing, and I felt like I had to force myself to try and move and finally I broke free. I was terrified and had to walk out of the room for a bit to collect my thoughts on what had just happened but I just shook it off as nothing.

The second time this happened was in the same room (My room) and I was lying in bed dreaming about another odd dream where I was lying in a big, queen sized bed and I heard this deep voice say "You want some company?" and this strange creature crawled up on the bed with me in an extremely horrifying way and suddenly I heard what sounded like the voice of a little girl and that's when I woke up to my entire body tingling for the second time and what felt like something was lifting me up and dropping me on my bed over and over... I was able to get one word just barely out of my mouth... I said "Stop." and it stopped all of the sudden and that's when I could move again. I had to get out of my room fast because I didn't want to sleep in my bed, nor did I want to stay in my room. This is when I knew something weird was happening and I had to tell someone.

I'm sorry if the story seems rushed but like I said it's very late and I'm extremely tired. I would appreciate feedback to explain what this is and why it is happening to me lately. Thank you.


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