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Last month, we heard that Michelle MacLaren (Breaking Bad, episodes of Game of Thrones) has been signed to direct the upcoming Wonder Woman film. Then earlier this month, we also heard that a screenwriter was also in talks to work on the project; Jason Fuchs (Pan, Ice Age: Continental Drift).

Is this our new screenwriter?
Is this our new screenwriter?

It seemed to make sense, the studio apparently lining up their creative team for this hugely important movie (first female led superhero movie in the modern cinematic age of superheros and all), but today Arash Amel suggested that he's not the only one in the running.

Amel (writer of Grace of Monaco) tweeted the following:

What indeed! Amel goes on to describe simultaneous development as "worrying" and "wrong on so many levels". It led to a fascinating afternoon of tweeting (and if you have a little free time, I encourage you to check out his feed and some of the tweets surrounding that one about the problems of sim-dev), but if it's true, what does this mean for the movie itself?

The simplest explanation (and the one that I am really gunning for) is that six writers haven't been hired, but six are in talks as the studio figures out which direction they want to go with the project. This would mean that the studio will still settle on a single writer, and we can all go home happy. This could also happen if MacLaren steps in and refuses to deal with a six-script situation, although she didn't join the online debate (obviously), so we don't know her take on multiple writers.

If they do go ahead and have six full scripts written, it could go one of two ways from there. The first (and simplest) is that WB simply picks "the best" script, and goes from there. In that sense, the writing would be something of a paid audition for the other five, and we would still have a script with a cohesive vision to work from. In some ways, I can see the merit to this approach. Wonder Woman is such an important film for the studio that it makes some sense to see a few options rather than putting all their writing eggs in one basket (so to speak).

The second option (and the one that I find most worrisome) is that the studio would somehow attempt to combine various parts of the different scripts to create a kind of WW patchwork quilt. The problems with this approach are enormous; from the practical issues of then having multiple screenwriters (and their personalities) working together, to issues where the over-arching vision for one script doesn't gel with that of another. What happens when one writer sees a very human Diana-style Wonder Woman, and another portrays her as 100% Amazonian warrior? The result would be all over the place, a character that just doesn't quite work.

Twitter users also came up with some other possible "options", including my favorite:

Finally, there is always the possibility that WB has already signed Fuchs, and this is just a big ol' rumor.


How do you feel about six writers for Wonder Woman?


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