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Once again, the Doctor turns his eyes towards Christmas, only THIS time, it's a new Doctor along with ol' Kris Kringle himself!

On December 25th 2014, Peter Capaldi will blaze onto the small screen in his first Christmas special for the wildly popular British sci-fi phenomenon, Doctor Who. Once again reunited with Clara Oswald, his trusty companion played by the lovely Jenna Coleman, Capaldi will show us how HIS regeneration looks at this holiday, and he's not alone. Played by the hilarious and culpable Nick Frost, Santa Claus and his elves will be joining in the adventure.

The question that most fans of Doctor Who (Whovians) will have: CAN this special compare with those of past Doctors, and if so, HOW will it rank? Who can forget the first Christmas special of "new Who" in 2005 as David Tennant leaped forth from the TARDIS in "The Christmas Invasion", dressed in the shiny leather jacket of his predecessor, played with confidence by Christopher Eccleston. Soon we were faced with voodoo-loving aliens bent on conquering the Earth, while The Doctor, now fresh from his post-regeneration nap, took on the leader in a swordfight, while dressed in his pajamas.

How does a series like this follow THAT kind of excitement? By giving us our first taste of a future companion, Donna Noble, played with sarcastic veracity by Catherine Tate in "The Runaway Bride". The following Christmas, The Doctor was joined by the lovely Kylie Minogue in "Voyage Of The Damned". Boy, that Doctor sure does a lot of kissing, doesn't he?! Doesn't even need mistletoe! "The Next Doctor" was the next special which takes 'The Governor' from The Walking Dead and they both run off into a steampunk adventure against would-be Cybermen. To round out Tennant's turn as The Doctor, the epic two-part finale "The End Of Time" which also has Whovians saying goodbye to one Doctor as he regenerates into the fresh-faced Matt Smith.

After a slapdash season of timey-wimey adventures across time and space, Mister Smith graces our screens for his first special "A Christmas Carol"- a Moffat-engineered nod to the classic Charles Dickens story with some obvious Who-flair tossed in. Enchanting and mildly entertaining, it does leave fans wondering whatever will come next for our hero. We're given "The Doctor, The Widow, and The Wardrobe" in 2011 as a C.S. Lewis-inspired tale. Finally coming to his senses and realizing that deluging fans with Christmas specials that are merely knock offs of other great tales come before, we're snapped to attention by "The Snowmen" a rousing 19th-Century adventure with our favorite guest stars, the Paternoster Gang (Vastra, Jenny, and Strax), and our hero is introduced (again) to Clara Oswald, a sassy governess and part-time barmaid who has no problem smooching with the Doctor, sans mistletoe.

In his final outing as The Doctor, Matt Smith gives us a laugh-filled adventure in "The Time Of The Doctor", the last in the 'of The Doctor' title trilogy where he becomes the caretaker of Trenzalore, generations before he is supposedly supposed to die there. Figuring that this was to be his last adventure ever, The Doctor resigned himself to finally grow old and die, much to the joy of his enemies, The Daleks. Unfortunately for them, the Time Lords, via a crack in the fabric of the universe which hadn't been seen since Smith's first season, showers it's regenerating fairy dust upon our hero in a turnabout surprise causing him to finally do a backbending transformation into the current incarnation, played with zest by Peter Capaldi.

Deep breath everyone! (catch that did you?) So now that Missy is out of the way, what does our Doctor take on this time? Weeping Angels? Vashta Nerada? Well, Spoilers! You'll just have to tune in and see for yourself! I'll fill you in with my follow up on Boxing Day, and if you don't know what THAT is, maybe you shouldn't be watching Doctor Who after all! Merry Christmas!


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