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Sometimes a movie is good, gets popular, and then becomes a franchise that runs for years. Most commonly though, only one or two sequels are made. Sometimes studios even do the honorable thing and just leave a movie alone (rarely). But every once in a while, a sequel gets made with the highest of hopes, yet no one cares, notices it, or even remembers it was ever made. In fact, I've seen people outright claim some of the films on this list don't even exist because of their hard fall into obscurity. It would be a rare person indeed who has seen all of these films.

So, without further ado, take a look at some of the great forgotten sequels:

I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer

The third entry in this franchise gets rid of all the characters we met in the previous films and ditches the ocean-front setting in favor of going to the Colorado mountains (because where else would a killer fisherman strike, right?). At this point, the fisherman has became an urban legend - almost like Jason and Freddy - who shows up to kill people who deserve to have vengeance brought against them. The budget dropped a lot on this direct to video sequel but I actually enjoyed it more than the second entry.

The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia

This came out not to long ago and was suppose to be a bigger release, but really seemed to slip under the radar of many. Probably due to a lack of marketing. This sequel is unrelated to the first film and was fairly dull, but not a horrible movie. The one thing I can never get over is the title, which amuses me to no end. Pretty sure Connecticut and Georgia are different states, but hey that's just me.

Look What's Happened to Rosemary's Baby

This movie is the Holy Grail of forgotten films. I've even seen Rosemary's Baby listed several times as a famous movie that never got a sequel. But oh how it did. Released in 1976 as a TV movie by ABC, the film was so unpopular that it just faded from memory. Good luck finding a copy.

American Psycho 2

I actually didn't even know about this one, released in 2002. This is going pretty high on my must watch list, considering it stars Mila Kunis as a serial killer, Thats something I have to see! William Shatner is even in the film. I'm surprised it never picked up more notice, even if it was a direct to video release.

The Mangler 2

Its the 2001 sequel to the original cult classic by Tobe Hooper and based on a short story by Stephen King. It abandons the original's plot about an industrial laundry machine possessed by a demon, replacing it with a murderous, sentient computer virus taking over a school. There was also a part 3 called The Mangler: Reborn made, but I chose to use this entry on the list since the second film is more obscure and totally unrelated in even a basic premise to the other films.


Have you seen any of these obscure sequels?


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