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So with all of this Star Wars talk going around, It gets me curious about where the film franchise is going to go next. We already know that Disney is planning on doing another trilogy ending with [Star Wars: Episode IX](movie:711880) (and probably more after that), and there have been quite a few rumors running around about a few spinoff films about characters like Boba Fett, Han Solo and Obi Wan Kenobi. Nothing has been confirmed however so I just started thinking of a few films I thought would be cool if they were green-lit. Here's my top 5!

1. Knights of the Old Republic series

This is one of the most obvious choices. These games were some of my most favorite games of all time, let alone Star Wars game of all time. I've played them countless times and while the second one's ending may be a bit....lacking, the game is still revolutionary. It featured interesting characters, an engaging storyline, plot twists and brand new environments that kept my eyes glued to the screen. The second game especially gave a unique look at what it truly means to be a Jedi vs a Sith and if there really was any meaningful distinction between the two, adding a lot of grey where we usually see none. Imagine adding this to the brand new universe of Star Wars canon. While they're technically a part of "Legacy" now, I'm sure that they wouldn't mind bringing in a few story lines every now and again that don't conflict with the main series. In fact, I feel these games would work perfectly as a trilogy by itself. The first two games would be covered in two films, and then a third film (possibly based off of the scrapped KOTOR 3 game could be made to wrap the entire story up? and not based off of that MMO. A true Sequel!) We'll get to see things like the Sith empire and the Star Forge and Rakatan empire (probably in a flashback exposition sort of way) all come to the big screen! Sounds like a whole bundle of epicness to me!

2. Origins of the Jedi vs. Sith conflict

The Jedi and Sith have been fighting one another for thousands of millennia. The epic battle has been waged all over the entire galaxy, on the surface of hundreds of planets and has claimed thousands of lives. While it may seem like they've been fighting since the beginning of time, there was an era where there was only the Jedi.

"Once we were mighty Jedi of the Republic, brothers in the Force. But the Great Schism between the dark side and the light turned Jedi against Jedi. Our ancestors were defeated, driven off…cast out!"

-Marka Ragnos, Dark Lord of The Sith

It would definitely be interesting to see a take on the first jedi knights to fall to the dark side of the force, even if it varied from what was originally in "Legacy". In fact, to see the first few Jedi Knights ever, fighting without the guidance of thousands of years of teachings to guide them forward. It would open up an opportunity to show a less disciplined immature Jedi Order that's setting the basis for all future generations to follow. In fact, this could be part of that rumored samurai themed star wars film. Who knows?

3. Star Wars vs Star Trek

This is probably the most far fetched idea on this list. It's highly unlikely that we'll be seeing the Falcoln battle it out with the Enterprise anytime soon (or ever for that matter). It sounds possible more in a comic book, but imagine these two sci fi franchises clashing together in one huge epic battle. I bet some of you are asking, how would that even be possible? what would even be the point of them fighting each other? I'll tell you why....

They want their director back....
They want their director back....

4. The Fall of the Rakatan empire

Through the eyes of some enslaved humans, we could see the story about the fall of the Rakatan empire we heard so much about during the original KOTOR. A story of revolution, as the cruel sadistic Rakatan empire begins to weaken, a hero rises up and takes advantage of this in order to free the slaves and end the era of the Rakata. (So sorta like a space Moses) The movie would show what life was like in the galaxy before the Republic era when Humans and other now space faring races were just subordinates to their masters, possibly showing the origins of that "mysterious plague" with all of the slave races coming together to expel their Rakatan masters.

5. Star Wars meets Earth!

Not long Ago in a Galaxy not that far away....
Not long Ago in a Galaxy not that far away....

Can you imagine that on your theater screens right before the Opening Scroll popped up? I'd imagine they'd make it sound better than that but still. A film where Star Wars and our worlds collide with one another(Not Star Tours:-))some time in the near future. (Far future for Star Wars) We could see the battle between god and evil, Jedi vs. Sith spill into our own atmosphere. Maybe the sith would make short work of our governments militaries and it would take the Jedi/Republic to step in to save us. Maybe one group has the other on the run nd the end up crashing here by accident. Who knows, their arrival may even bring to our attention a few force sensitives on our own planet..... I mean picture a Star Destroyer battling in the skies above Washington DC, with Sith Lords and Jedi Knights fighting on the Streets! Doesn't that sound pretty damn cool....

What do you guys think of these film ideas? Agree? Disagree? Have an idea of your own? Tell it to us down in the comments section below!


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