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The Jasons once again look to their pasts and ask, "Does This Hold Up?" The subject this time: Gremlins and Gremlins 2: The New Batch! They discuss troubled productions, script changes, the Steven Spielberg/Chris Columbus/Joe Dante combo, Gizmo's overwhelming cuteness, the Gremlins blatant disregard for self-preservation, whether the first one is a horror movie or not, the Gremlins mutability in the second one, Joe Dante's anarchistic streak, Daffy Duck, Ted Turner, Rambo, Grandpa Munster, Gomez Adams, the Riddler, people's relationships with movies and the media today vs. the 90s, Dan Harmon, the future of the series, and more!

Adding this here for awareness, because Gremlins is always a good thing to discuss, and also because it’s 50% a Christmas-appropriate episode. Shit, that’s more Christmassy than the Die Hard episode, by volume! Why didn’t I lead with this?!

Jason Squared Podcast #42

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