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The UK has seen a great many Horror titles float from its shores. Hellraiser, Dog Soldiers, 28 Days later to name but a few. But UK based independent studio Mycho Entertainment have sights set on something a little more long term. A franchise made up of Horror films that are all set in the same universe and Legacy of Thorn isn't even the first entry.

The studio kicked off their expanded universe with Slasher House in 2013. The film centres around a young woman 'Red', who awakes in a mysterious, old madhouse to find that the other inmates are, intact, some of the worlds worst serial killers. Amongst those killers is the huge mask wearing, Machete wielding brute known as Thorn.

Using Slasher House as a springboard, the studio began producing solo outings for the Slasher House characters, Starting with Legacy of Thorn, delving into the history of the Blood letting behemoth formally seen in Slasher House. The film was released on DVD and VOD in October. But that wasn't the end.

The studio recently wrapped production on a brand new solo outing for one of its fan favourite characters Cleaver the Killer Clown. The film features Stephanie Price from Kevin Smith biopic 'Shooting Clerks' and is set to scare up a storm Halloween 2015.

It doesn't stop there either. The studio have a huge roster of characters and film ready to move into production next year :)


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