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Game of Thrones creator and all-round legend, George R.R. Martin, has stepped up and vowed to save us from the clutches of cinematic censorship by offering to screen the now banned film, The Interview!

Not content with having given us one of the best TV shows of all time, Martin's now taking on the wrath of the most unpredictable nuclear-armed nation in the world: North Korea. If I were Kim Jong-Un, I'd be quaking in my state-mandated boots at the sight of the prolific Stark-killer!

In his blog post titled "Corporate Cowardice" Martin denounces Sony's decision to give in to the North Korean-affiliated terrorists who demanded the film be banned:

I mean, really? REALLY?? These gigantic corporations, most of which could buy North Korea with pocket change, are declining to show a film because Kim Jong-Un objects to being mocked?

You tell 'em George - American companies shouldn't be giving in to these criminal bullies!

Although he says he has no idea whether The Interview is actually any good or not, he admirably believes in the principal of free expression, and wants to hold a little viewing party at his place to prove it.

The scene that got The Interview banned
The scene that got The Interview banned

Martin even invited co-director Seth Rogan to his anti-censorship shindig - my invite must still be in the post:

For what it's worth, the Jean Cocteau Cinema will be glad to screen THE INTERVIEW (assuming that Sony does eventually release the film for theatrical exhibition, rather than streaming it or dumping it as a direct-to-DVD release), should it be made available to us. Come to Santa Fe, Seth, we'll show your film for you.

Come on Sony, give the mighty George R.R. Martin the prints, and let him do what you couldn't!


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