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Star Wars Episodes 1-3, whether you loved or loathed them, introduced a whole new generation to the epic lore that surrounds the universe of George Lucas' epic creation.

The films helped springboard and skyrocket the careers of cinematic luminaries such as Ewan McGregor (who was already a household name in Britain thanks to roles in Trainspotting and Shallow Grave), Keira Knightley, Joel Edgerton and Rose Byrne. And introduced a ridiculously badass purple lightsaber to the masses!


But one illustrious member of the cast was recently quite downbeat about her involvement with Lucas' prequel trilogy. In an interview with New York magazine, Natalie Portman revealed the hardship faced after her cinematic encounter with the Force.

Star Wars had come out around the time of [The Seagull], and everyone thought I was a horrible actress. I was in the biggest-grossing movie of the decade, and no director wanted to work with me. Mike wrote a letter to Anthony Minghella and said, “Put her in Cold Mountain, I vouch for her.” And then Anthony passed me on to Tom Tykwer, who passed me on to the Wachowskis.

Prior to her role as Padmé Amidala in the prequels, a young and incredibly talented Portman had few roles, the most notable being in Luc Besson's seminal feature Léon: The Professional and Michael Mann's Heat. But after appearing in Star Wars, her light diminished and it seemed as if no director wanted to work with her, save a deus ex machina in the form of, the recently passed, Mike Nichols.

From her roles in Cold Mountain, Garden State, Closer and V For Vendetta, Portman's star began to rise again, eventually leading to an Academy Award win for Best Actress for her brilliant performance in Darren Aronofsky's Black Swan.

I guess Portman is one of the lucky actors to have come out of an iconic role, relatively unscathed, with a strong career in tow! Although Hayden Christensen is a notable example of the opposite.

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(Source: New York Magazine)


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