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After constructing a robust canopy for the acidic hate that is about to rain down on me, I'm going to say it: The Vampire Diaries is better than Twilight, okay?

I know this sentence is close to heresy in fang banging circles, but hear me out and see if you agree with my reasoning?

10. The Originals

No, no. Not that lot (although they are obviously awesome!). Believe it or not, [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) actually came before Twilight!

Fans of the novels as well as the hit CW show will already know that L. J. Smith, started the series of Vampire Diaries books in 1991. Thats a staggering 14 years before Stephanie Meyer put pen to paper.

I'm not saying that the Vampire Diaries is the original modern vampire book series (you guys have to read the Ann Rice books if you haven't already!), but it totally got there before Twilight!

9. A Plot that Keeps You Guessing

I'm going to come out and say this right now... I am actually a Twilight fan, but I just find The Vampire Diaries infinitely more complex.

As soon as you see Edward and Bella lay eyes on each other, it doesn't take much of a leap in imagination to guess exactly how Twilight will end.

While I'm not denying that The Vampire Diaries has its more predictable moments, it manages to make me reel with surprise at least a few times a season and there's nothing more gripping than a plot that keeps you guessing.

8. Witches!

I love everything about the witches in The Vampire Diaries and the Twilight saga didn't even include this particular sort of supernatural being.

If Twilight had it's own Bonnie Bennett, I think I would have loved the books and movies a few folds more!

7. A Wicked Sense of Humor

Do you remember all of those hilarious jokes that Edward Cullen told in Twilight? If you do, I regret to tell you that you're probably insane...

Edward might be grade A adorable and a true romantic, but you wouldn't exactly be having a laugh with him. If that sparkly lump of intensity was your dinner party date, the awkwardness rating would be through the roof, but Damon Salvatore on the other hand...

The Vampire Diaries has a thriving sense of humor and every character delivers some absolute zingers on the regular, as somebody who loves to laugh, this is just way more fun to me.

6. Blood and Gore

Remember how vampires are meant to kill people? Yep, the ones in Mystic Falls do that!

The Cullen's no kill policy might be honorable, but it's not exactly thrilling to watch. Sometimes, you've just got to go for the jugular.

5. Beautiful Friendships

Sure Bella and Jacob have a strong and enduring friendship to begin with, but things between them get a little muddied and strained to say the least.

The Vampire Diaries emphasizes the importance and joys of friendship and the complex relationships between the characters give the show an added emotional dimension.

When you see Elena and Caroline going through a rough patch in their friendship, it's almost as devastating as seeing a couple going through turmoil, and that gives the show so much more depth.

4. A Much Stronger Female Lead

Elena might divide opinions, but there is no denying that she knows what she wants and she knows how to get it.

While Bella spends her time sobbing and writing emo notes in her diary, Elena actually gets out there to do something and she certainly isn't a damsel in distress.

Sure, Elena has needed rescuing a few times, but she has also hauled ass to save her male costars and nobody would ever describe her as meek without regretting it.

3. More Mature Relationships

The relationships in Twilight are pure teen infatuation and ridiculously unrealistic as a result, but The Vampire Diaries has dared to dig a little deeper.

I'm not saying that the representations of relationships are perfect, or the pinnacle of realism, but they are a lot more adult and complex.

Oh, and there's boning.

2. We All Know Where the Party People Are At!

Just ask yourself, where would you rather party? It's not a difficult question to answer, is it?

1. Witness the Fitness!

Sure, both of the casts are hot, but The Vampire Diaries crew totally spoils us rotten.


What do you prefer?


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