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The first half of Season 5 of [The Walking Dead](series:201193) were some of the best episodes seen in the show to date. There was action, character building, conflict, new faces and even some tragedy.

But now that the first half of the season is over, just how much attention did you pay to those eight episodes?

Take the quiz for yourself and see just how well you know The Walking Dead Season 5a:


1. What color was the handle of the machete that Rick promised to kill Gareth with in the premiere episode?

Answer: Red. Later in the episode "Four Walls and a Roof" Rick came good on his promise and Gareth was butchered to death with the red handled machete.


2. Rick changes the sign to Terminus in the premiere episode. What does he write over it?

Answer: 'No sanctuary' the sign is later seen by Morgan as he follows the same path.


3. What Saint is Father Gabriel's church named after?

Answer: St. Sarah’s Episcopal Church. St. Sarah was the patron saint of gypsies. Surely there couldn't be a more fitting place for this nomadic group!


4. Which famous artist artwork is shown in "Slabtown?"

Answer: Caravaggio


5. What new name do we hear the walkers be called in "Slabtown?"

Answer: 'Rotters.' The name was possibly a tip of the hat to a UK TV show called In The Flesh.


6. In "Self Help" Tara finds something in a backpack. What was it?

Answer: A yo-yo (seen at the end of the episode)


7. What brand of cigarette does Daryl smoke in "Consumed"

Answer: Morley. Morley is a famous fake brand used in TV and movies.


8. What weird walker body part does Daryl use as a weapon against the Grady Memorial cop?

Answer: The head and spinal column. Norman Reedus was later given the prop as a Christmas gift!


9. Whose bible does Father Gabriel find outside the school?

Answer: Gareth's mothers. The bible was inscribed with the name Mary B, we met Mary in the premiere episode but she was soon killed.


10. What does Beth stab Officer Dawn with?

Answer: Scissors. She stashed the scissors in her arm cast and stabs Dawn with them, and is shot dead in the aftermath.


How many did you get correct?

Source: Screencapped


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