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Set in a space station somewhere in the Milky Way galaxy, circa 2369-2375, Deep Space Nine was perhaps the most mature and complex of all Star Trek productions.

In the static location of the Deep Space Nine space station, as opposed to the usual travelling Starship, its directors finally had the opportunity to explore story-lines that stretched over several episodes, if not seasons. We saw themes of genocide, terrorism, bigotry, and racism used to create a show that was, perhaps, more satisfying to watch than any other Star Trek outing. We even had Star Trek's first African-American captain leading the show!

On top of that the show once again had top class characters, each with their own cleverly written dialogue. It was so cleverly written, in fact, that when you tuned in, you felt as if you were casually hanging on with a bunch of friends rather than watching a TV show.

Alas, it's been 21 years since we last hung out with them; here's what they've been up to since then:

Avery Brooks (Benjamin Sisko)

What else can I see him in? Uncle Tom's Cabin; The Big Hit; American History X.

Fun Fact: Benjamin Sisko's middle name is Lafayette.

Nana Visitor (Kira Nerys)

What else can I see her in? One Life To Live; Wildfire; Friday The 13th.

Fun Fact: When Nana Visitor became pregnant in real life, the show explained her condition by having Kira become an emergency surrogate for someone else's baby.

René Auberjonois (Odo)

What else can I see him in? The Little Mermaid; Benson; The Patriot

Fun Fact: Early in his career, Auberjonois tried changing his surname to Aubert because casting directors were unable to pronounce his name. When he found that they had just as much difficulty with Aubert he reverted back to Auberjonois.

Alexander Siddig (Dr. Julian Bashir)

What else can I see him in? Kingdom of Heaven; Reign of Fire; Clash of the Titans

Fun Fact: Dr Julian Bashir's last name was originally Amoros.

Michael Dorn (Worf)

What else can I see him in? Almost every production of Star Trek ever made!; Ali; Rocky; Mach 2

Fun Fact: Dorn has appeared in more episodes and movies of Star Trek as the same character than anyone else.

Colm Meaney (Miles O'Brien)

What else can I see him in? Get Him To The Greek; The Damned United; Law Abiding Citizen

Fun Fact: Meaney is the only actor to appear in 14 different seasons of "Star Trek," more than any other of the show's cast.


Who was your favourite character on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine?


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