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Tangled and [Frozen](movie:411685) are two of the most recent, but also most amazing, Disney Princess stories. Despite them being set in quite different places, with very different challenges, they're definitely films that compliment each other quite well.

After Frozen was released there were fan theories flying around everywhere speculating that Rapunzel and Eugene (Flynn Rider) had attended Elsa's coronation, and all I could think of when I was reading this theory was, 'Oh my gosh, think of the amazing Frozen/Tangled cross over possibilities!'

Apparently I wasn't alone in thinking this and some amazing artists have imagined the two worlds coming together in beautiful pieces of fan art.

So here they are for your viewing pleasure, imagine: The Frozen and Tangled crossover film:

A clash of the two kingdoms

The movie could start with the two royal kingdoms coming across each other and who knows what crazy adventures might start!

Made by Eminaytor

Rapunzel and Anna would definitely be friends

Just like the talented artist who made this picture said, Anna and Rapunzel would definitely be great friends if they ever met, after all they have very similar traits: their innocence, sense of adventure, and not to mention that they've both been trapped in buildings for long periods of time!

Made by Jakunen-Neesan

But there might be a bit of a healthy rivalry among the guys

I mean, let's face it - if Flynn Rider took on strong, iceman Kristoff he would probably lose.

Made by Eminaytor

There would definitely be more fancy balls

Anna, Elsa and Rapunzel would all definitely go to some very fancy balls with beautiful gowns.

Made by Strangeronthestree

Olaf and Pascal would be the most hilarious duo

Seriously you guys, this would be the cutest Disney duo ever!

Made by princekido

Someone might have trouble with the cold Arendelle temperatures...

Flynn Rider a.k.a. Eugene doesn't look too happy here! While I could see the Princesses getting on famously, I think that Eugene and Kristoff would have their differences.

Made by xxiiCoko

Maybe Rapunzel could teach Anna to paint?

It would be hilarious!!

Made by Pussycat-Puppy

At the end they could all go for a drink together!


Made by AnimeFanS2

And they would always be welcome back in Arendelle any time

After all, it's hard to meet good royal friends these days!

Made by godohelp


Would you like to see a Frozen and Tangled cross over?


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