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Anastasia is the oft forgotten 1997 animated film, based on the true story of the Romanov family in Russia. Anastasia is often called a Disney production but film was actually produced by Fox Animation Studios and directed by legendary animator Don Bluth!

The story of the orphan Anya who grew up to become the lost Duchess Anastasia is a timeless tale and it appears like many fans are still dedicated to the film 17 years later.

Check out some of the artworks some talented fans have made, dedicated to this Don Bluth classic:

A girl has to have her shoes!

I love the contrast of the fancy heels with her ragged dress in this one, Anya is changing from orphan to Duchess!

Made by ajatusvaras

Anastasia and her music box

When I watched this film as kid I can't even tell you how much I wish I had a music box just like this one. By the way, the real Anastasia also had a jewelry box similar to the one in the film, except the real one was silver.

Made by VaneKairi

Anastasia and Dimitri's wedding!

While we never actually got to see Anastasia and Dimitri's wedding because the couple eloped, I love this artwork that imagines their very romantic and tradition wedding.

Made by Scribble-Chick

Anastasia and Dimitri sharing a dance

Inspired by the beautiful moment in the movie when Dimitri teaches Anastasia to dance, it's definitely one of the most touching parts!

Made by lisa-mona

Anastasia's lost love

This is a pretty awesome piece of fan art that was drawn for a twisted fairytale contest. I'll let the artist describe the scene:

After killing Rasputin everything in the kingdom was hunky-dory, Anastasia & Dimitri got married & lived happily ever, but not for long. What they didn't know was that when they broke the vile of evil spirits that gave Rasputin his power, they released them onto the castle grounds & they never left. In time Anastasia & Dimitri grew tired of each other, they would argue all the time over nothing and finally that love they once had turned into hate. Anastasia decides she would rather strike first than risk getting killed by him.

Wow, powerful stuff!

Made by miycko

Anastasia Singing Once Upon a December

Anastasia's beautiful yellow ballgown positively sparkles in this stunning piece of fan art as she belts out one of the best songs from the movie, Once Upon a December.

Made by viper-fish

Anastasia in the snow

Looking wind swept yet elegant even before she transforms into the royal.

Made by xXUnicornXx

Anastasia and Dimitri with their baby!

Naturally there's some fan art imagining this couple after the movie ends and this artist has drawn the couple and their new baby! Aw!!

Made by Grodansnagel


Is Anastasia one of the best animated films ever?


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