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Arya has been wandering around Westersos in the same outfit for 3 Seasons now - mainly to avoid having her head separated from her shoulders - but that is all about to change in Season 5.

Entertainment Weekly has revealed the first designs for Arya's new threads and they're very different to her normal getup. Gone is the boyish, practical and, more than likely, stinky outfit she's been using to disguise her identity, replaced instead with something much more elegant.


And Maisie Williams, who plays the little ass-kicker on the show, is more than happy with her new look:

I love Arya’s new look. It’s very neutral, very plain, but clean! I have clean hair that actually moves.

Apparently, her new look is so different, many of the cast and crew didn't recognize her when she walked on set:

I had my hair braided up to these big buns and bits of jewelry and a jumper thing with a long skirt, and I came onto the set and nobody recognized me.

We'll all get the chance to see Arya's new look when Game of Thrones returns in April.


Which look do you prefer?


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