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Kingdom Hearts 3 is yet to receive any additional news or the announcement of a release date for the Xbox One and PS4 consoles. Final Fantasy 15 has received a lot more information but it too is still lacking in the release date department. But which game are you looking forward to the most?!

Square Enix are developing two titles, one for each of two of their greatest franchises. Their are a mountain of fans behind Final Fantasy and kingdom Hearts, but which game is more anticipated? Will you be playing both of these titles? Let's take a look at what to expect with these two great games!

Kingdom Hearts 3 vs Final Fantasy 15

Kingdom Hearts 3

This clip is the only real look at Kingdom Hearts 3 that we've received. I can't get enough of the fan reactions to the trailer, so many of them are confused all the way through it thinking that its just the remix and then just totally lose it when they see they're making Kingdom Hearts 3!

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With a whole host of new Disney worlds for Square Enix to explore, we can expect some rather amazing things from this game! Particularly seeing as its running on the incredible (or should I say unreal..ha...ha...sorry) Unreal Engine 4!

Kingdom Hearts 3
Kingdom Hearts 3

This series has needed a full sequel for a long time and fans are delighted to have it return. But is Final Fantasy 15 needed more after the catastrophe that was FF 14?! Are you more of a fan of the former or the latter?

Final Fantasy 15

Final Fantasy XV looks truly remarkable. The landscape that Square Enix has designed is a marvel, and the graphics are more than likely going to be the best a console has ever seen. I even feel like this title could convert a lot of fans who gave up on the series long ago, or perhaps even entice newcomers to Final Fantasy to give a try! I mean look at this gameplay!

What do Final Fantasy fans make of how Square Enix's Final Fantasy XV is coming along?! Are you excited for the developments the team has made? Allegedly, the combat system has moved towards that of Kingdom Hearts 3, is this a development you're unhappy with?

So Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy fans (or even those who like both), let us know which Suqare Enix title you feel has more potential for the Xbox One and PS4!


Kingdom Hearts 3 or Final Fantasy 15?!


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