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I'm a fan of the Transformers films. Yes, they're not exactly cinematic masterpieces but they're fun to watch aside from the mindless plot, surprising abundance of female posterior close-ups, and unrealistic explosions...

Don't get me wrong, I think these movies are great, but they don't necessarily sit well with everyone. Personally, I think the CGI is amazing, and I don't blame Paramount for pushing Transformers 4: Age of Extinction for an Oscar nomination.

Michael's one explosion away from being an arsonist
Michael's one explosion away from being an arsonist

Age of Extinction may have not been a hit critically, but it's billion dollar box office gross says otherwise. As you know, Shia is out and Marky Mark is in. On a more formal note, the film starred Mark Wahlberg playing a down on his luck inventor, Cade Yeager who discovers Optimus Prime after the devastating battle of Chicago that took place in the third film, Dark of the Moon.

Rumors have been going around that Michael Bay will be leaving the franchise after Age of Extinction, and many have been speculating on who could replace him at the helm. Also speculated upon is who will be the starring in the fifth film. We now have an answer folks! In a recent interview with MTV, Mark had a few words to say...

He says that

I committed to doing a couple more. I can't speak for Mr. Bay, but something tells me...

Though it's no official confirmation of [Transformers 5](movie:1325503), this does give us some insight into what's in store for the franchise.


Are you happy about Mark Wahlberg potentially returning for Transformers 5?


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