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I'm back with a brand spanking new book review for all you book worms out there!

So, the book I was reading this month is a unique one in that, first things first, it's not available as a physical book. "Find Me, I'm Yours" is a "Click Lit" Novel, a revolutionary new type of novel that is essentially an "interactive" book.

What do I mean by that? Allow me to explain.

A Click Lit Novel, is a book that in every sense of the word, is interactive. Be it with handwritten lists, pictures, links to outside sources and more, everything about this type of book is meant to draw you in to the world the author has created.

If you're still unsure about what a "Click Lit" novel actually is, have a little look at the book trailer here.

So to begin, when Moviepilot first told me about this book, and all that it entailed, I was intrigued, to say the least. The story follows 24-year old Mags Marclay, as she attempts to go on the hunt for her "soul mate" after buying an old camera and finding hidden inside, a mysterious tape. I personally love reading and immersing myself in world's that authors have created, so the idea of a book that was "interactive" with links, pictures, websites etc, sounded like the most awesome thing in the ENTIRE UNIVERSE!

Apart from Chocolate maybe...because, well...chocolate. Sidenote: I feel like Mags would agree with me too. Because, you know, we're best buds!

Mags and I are Instagram buds!
Mags and I are Instagram buds!

Literally all I've ever wanted from life, is right there. You guys, a fictional character follows me on instagram.

My life is complete.
My life is complete.

But back to the review. So the story jumps right in with Mags' quirky narrative, as she rolls off the various places in which she could find her "soul mate". Could it be at the 99c store? At the laundromat? Or maybe in a cafe? Either way, we jump right in with the knowledge that our main character is someone who is unlucky in love, and just a tad cynical about it. Just a tad. She muses that essentially any gentleman she sees anywhere could be her potential "soul mate", but as she's too shy to go up to any one of these "random strangers" she'll never know.


Right from the get-go, you are bombarded, and I mean literally BOMBARDED with links, pictures and handwritten lists. If you had any doubt that this was a click lit book before you read it, that would've all flown clean, straight out the window, the second you swiped across to that first page.

BOOM! Picture! Swipe across to the next page, BOOM! Two pictures! Swipe across to the third, BOOM! Website Link!

This, for my liking, was a little too much. As much as I knew what kind of book this was, I kind of wanted to be eased into it. Have a chance to get to know your characters first, and have the links, pics and websites compliment the story. But with this book, you can whizz through the first few chapters feeling like you have no idea who these characters are, and what they're like.

Link after link, website after website, and picture after picture, it feels - much like what I've just written - a tad repetitive and intrusive. The websites seem to be placed in awkward places, interrupting the story as opposed to adding to and complimenting it. Hey, you think you're finally getting a little into the narrative now? BOOM! Here's a website, VISIT IT NOW. This happens so frequently in those beginning chapters, that you find yourself mentally lost when, after 10 minutes of browsing through the artfully created website, you remember that you're actually reading a novel and should probably get back to that. I found myself swiping back a page, just to familiarise myself with the narrative and what's happened previously, before I continue. I did at one point try NOT visiting the links, but then found that as I read on, I really needed a little background, and so would backtrack and end up visiting the links anyway.


Meet Mr WTF.
Meet Mr WTF.

However, the book did pick up significantly throughout the middle, so these initial bluffs were forgotten by the time I started to get into it. The links to websites and pictures were placed sparsely throughout. Complimenting the story and leading into and from Mags' narrative. I mentioned above that the book centres on Mags as she goes on the hunt for her "soul mate" after finding an old camera with a tape inside. The man she sees on that tape is Mr WTF, the above hottie, who you will see a lot of, as he created essentially a treasure hunt all throughout LA for one lucky woman - with the treasure being him. *swoon worthy stuff this is!*

Except of course, true to form, Mags isn't the only girl to have a found a tape. Meaning she isn't the only one searching for handsome bachelor Mr WTF. The race is on as she battles it out with a Victoria's Secret Model, deciphering clues hidden all over LA, in the hopes of coming out on top and triumphant.

What ensues, is a unique story, filled with ups, downs, hook-ups, spider bites, original videos, 33 unique websites, web series' and more.

Mags' is an adorably relatable character, with all the makings of a perfect protaganist. She's real. She's not some barbie doll looking woman, looking for her Ken doll in an ideal world where everthing goes to plan. She's a struggling artist, with guy troubles, an annoying as hell boss, a best friend who's relationship seems like the epitome of all that is right in the world, meanwhile Mags is stuck rooming with "Satan in Stilettos" - hey, those are her words, not mine - aka her blonde bombshell, slasher movie star of a room mate, S.H.A.R.I. (FYI, you can check out her website here)

The main thing that draws you into this book, is Mags. Her unique personality is what keeps you hooked. It feels real, and spontaneous and as Mags searches for clues, you do to. Now, if you're particularly good at clue solving, you may find yourself solving things before Mags, but if you're like me, then you'll try and fail and then kick yourself when Mags figures it out before you, but that, ladies and gents in a sense, is the beauty of this story. It's fully immersive, and throws you right in to Mag's world.

I love the creativity that has gone into this book, and the sheer scale of it all. The websites themselves are fully interactive, allowing you to sign up for newsletters and submit your own pieces. Now I won't show you all the sites, you'll have to read the book for that, and I certainly wont show you any spoilerific sites, but I will mention two of my favourites, that are slightly more distant from the narrative so that they don't ruin anything for you.

Worship The Brand

Artist: Krista Grimm
Artist: Krista Grimm

Being a HUGE fan of really any type of Art, this particular website, is right up my street. Worship the Brand is a site dedicated to Brand-Inspired artwork and fan-art. It gives readers of the book and basically anyone who comes across the site, the opportunity to look at and create their own artwork inspired by different Brands or films/tv shows/music/comics. It offers you the chance to showcase your art to proffessionals, get tips and advice, and enter contests to win cash prizes. With Mags being an artist, this site linked in perfectly with the story, but is also a pretty cool site on its own. Check it out here!

Message Spotting

Courtesy of Message Spotting Tumblr
Courtesy of Message Spotting Tumblr

Out of all the sites, this is my second favourite, mainly because it's inspirational. Every now and then, you might be feeling a little down, so all you need do, is head on over to Message Spotting on Tumblr and have a browse through the multitude of inspirational quotes in the form of street-art, that people all over the world have found. And like with Worship the Brand, if you happen to spot any inspirational quotes on your way to work, or school, or wherever you're going, you can submit it and add it to the site. Check it out here!

There is one more site that I absolutely adore, but like I said, NO SPOILERS!

So, overall, although I initially found it hard to get into, "Find Me, I'm Yours" did turn out to be a cute little book, and a good read for this time of year. It was and is a little out of my comfort zone of what I normally read, but I'm always looking for new and interesting books, so I'm glad I had the chance to read this and experience a Click Lit book for the first time.

Whilst I enjoyed the overall story, there were certain aspects, such as some of the things Mags says (things like "obsesh" = Obsession & "probs horbs decisjh" = probably a horrible decision), that irked me and smaller things like character development of the supporting characters (Coco, Jason, Shari, Mark, Coop, etc) seemed a little rushed to where they, at times, seemed like caricutures of themselves and very one dimensional. It's obvious Mags' character was well thought out and developed properly over the course of the novel, but I personally would've preffered a little less of those 33 original websites, had it meant a little more background and insight on the above characters. It made it hard to relate to and identify with any other characters as the only one that felt real was Mags.

I give "Find Me, I'm Yours" a solid 3 stars out of 5!

It was an okay read, which really picked up towards the end, but overall it seems the whole "Click Lit" thing hindered it more so than it helped.


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