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Left 4 Dead 3 is one of those strange cases in gaming. Obviously we've received no news or the uttering of a release date for the sequel, yet many players are looking for the next step up in terms of multiplayer. Could Evolve be the successor to Left 4 Dead 2, or should they have made L4D3?

Left 4 Dead 3 hasn't gotten any attention from Valve. Turtle Rock Studios have stated that there was an inherent desire within their ranks to continue making more of those games, though a new IP was certainly very intriguing. Low and behold, the latter was elected and Evolve is well on the way with a release date of February 10th for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Evolve Image from GameInformer
Evolve Image from GameInformer

The title carries over the squad based combat from the Left 4 Dead series, however it expands upon the individual abilities of its team mates, lending them powers that have to be utilised effectively in combination to help take down these enormous beasts. It's certainly a huge development in terms of what Left 4 Dead presented before hand, but if you were presented with the option, would you still take Left 4 Dead 3?

I remain cautiously sceptical about Turtle Rock's next game. They said they wanted to make great multiplayer games and that Left 4 Dead was the IP that they tested. No small feat at all! It's still a game that a great many players return to again and again. I'm wondering whether Evolve is going to have the same appeal. I mean check out how great the trailers were for Left 4 Dead!

I feel as if I've been lacking in terms of a great multiplayer game for a while, particularly on NextGen consoles! I seriously hope my scepticism is proven to be over cautious, and that Turtle Rock just knock it out of the park! But can you see yourself returning to the levels described again and again like we do with L4D?

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I find myself particularly torn in terms of electing one game over another. I do really enjoy new IPs, but when its something like Left 4 Dead, you really don't want to see it fade out of existence. Evolve is showing that it can really get people's attention, but am I really the only one that feels worried about it? Perhaps it's the absence of Valve and that 2K has taken the reigns in terms of producing, naturally they covered GTA V though and other great titles.


As always, I'm fascinated to see which one you guys would pick! If presented with a choice, would you rather it be Left 4 Dead 3 releasing in February or Evolve? Let us know in the comments!


Which one would you pick?


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