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The Moviepilot creators have been on fire this week! Delivering everything from spine chilling short films to nostalgia to awesome fan art! These are the best creator posts this week as chosen by your community team!

No North Korean dictators were consulted with the making of this post.

1 - Hawkeye Fan Art That'll Put a Quiver in Your Bow

Yeah boi
Yeah boi

Inspired by the Hawkeye Initiative, Danica Lynn Abeln provided us with some of the best Hawkeye fan art with a difference. The avenging archer is twisted into all the positions that our favourite female superheros are regularly shaped into.

Have a peek at all the empowering poses here - Best Hawkeye Fan Art Ever

2 - Never Let It Go

Despite Frozen director Jennifer Lee apologising for the insane catchiness of the favourite Disney song, Ly Velez was not deterred in her goal of putting together the internets top 15 covers!

Get singing here - Celebrate Frozen's Anniversary with a Sing-a-Long and the Internet's Top 15 Covers!

3 - Boy Wonders

Despite being The Dark Knight's right hand man (Yeah, I said it. Get over it, Alfred!), we still don't know which Robin will be joining Batman in new clash with Superman. Sean Bailey has posted his top five sidekicks for the Caped Crusader and their chances of hitting the big screen.

Did your favourite make the cut? Check it out here - Top Five Robins... But Who Was The Best?

4 - A Star Wars Wish List

Following the nerdgasm of the trailer release, Soul Survivors Gaming has provided a handy list of what we really want to see in The Force Awakens next year. Hint hint - no more characters whose sole purpose was the be a toy.

Have your say here - Lightsabers, Sith & Boba Fett: What We CRAVE for the Star Wars Sequels!

5 - A Festival Darling

Jeff Pinilla's short film, The World, The Way I Left It, has been doing the rounds on the film festival circuit and has been met with acclaim with good cause.

Check it out here - Space and Death through the eyes of a child. A short film.

6 - A Breakdown of the DC Cinematic Lineup

If you're a DC fan, be sure to have a read of Bridget Serdock's analysis of the slated films coming up! She's covered the rebooted favourites (Wonder Woman, Justice League) and the less well know curveballs (Cyborg, Shazam).

Have your say about DC's direction here - Batman vs. Superman, Wonder Woman & Aquaman: DC's Movie Slate Is Actually GENIUS!

7 - Nostalgia Overload

Quiz time! Moviepilot newbie F. Flobo Boyce back to the days of your misspent youth, basked in the glow of the TV screen and the technicolour cartoon of choice. You may need a bowl of cereal to go with this one.

Find out your Saturday morning favourite here - What 90s Saturday Morning Cartoon Are You?

8 - An Ode to Alien

It's been 35 years since H. R. Giger's Xenomorph literally burst onto the screen in the Ridley Scott classic. Get down with Jonathan J Moya's post, featuring the best fan art and awesome trivia!

Check 'em all out here - Celebrate 35 Years of Ridley Scott's Alien with Trivia and Prints

9 - The Best of the Doctor Who Christmas Specials

Moviepilot newbie, My Geek Heart, has given us some Christmas cheer, Whovian style. Get excited for this years Christmas special by reminiscing over all the past greats!

Check out the recap here - Celebrating the Doctor Who Christmas Special

10 - In Space, No One Can Hear You Roll Your Eyes

Self described horror junkie, Brandon Meyers, has put together a tongue in cheek post with the best horror sequels that took the terror to outer space!

Enjoy - Horror Sequels That Went To Space...For No Reason!


This is just a glimpse at some of the great content posted by our Moviepilot Creators. You can catch even more excellent creator's content on the Creators page or by heading to and 'liking' the page!

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Thanks for reading guys! I really hope you've enjoyed these amazing posts just as much as we did!


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